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Electrician's 1-Year-Old Baby Girl Will Die Of Multiple Organ Failure Without Urgent Treatment

“On the evening of 24th October,  I got a frantic call from my wife, Nazeema. She was crying profusely and all I could understand  was that Maheen was very sick and that I had to come home immediately. I left my work and rushed back home only to see Maheen lying almost lifeless on the bed, her eyes had also rolled up. Nazeema said that Maheen has already passed about 10 rounds of watery motions and that it wasn’t showing any signs of stopping. I got very scared and immediately decided to take her to the hospital. As I carred our baby in my arms in the auto, we kept on praying that she pulls through this dangerous phase,” - Waseem, father. 

The parents were shocked to know that the apple of their eye is suffering from such a grave disease

Little Maheen, who is almost a year old, is suffering from severe dehydration and sepsis (blood infection). She is also running a high temperature and is struggling to breathe. The sepsis is getting worse every day and the baby is on the verge of a multi-organ failure. She needs to stay on ventilator support for at least three weeks to recover fully.
“When we took her to the hospital we had no idea that something so serious would affect Maheen. Everyday, as I sit outside the ICU and see my baby with so many machines around her I get very scared. The doctors try their best to explain her condition to us but we don’t understand all of it. As I hear them talk to us about the treatment and the processes, I keep thinking when I will see my little angel smile again.” 

Despite  working extra hours, Waseem doesn’t have the funds to afford the life-saving treatment that his daughter needs

Waseem is an electrician who gets around Rs 700-800 per day. He has a family of five - three sons, one daughter and his wife and he is the sole breadwinner. He has been working extra hours to make the two ends meet but still hasn’t been able to buy books for his sons and send them to school. Now Maheen’s treatment has left him desperate and helpless. He has pawned his scooter for Rs 31,000 and has also borrowed some more from his friends. He needs another Rs 4 lakhs for his baby but there is no way he can arrange for that without help.  

Little Maheen when she was healthy

My wife hardly eats anything these days; she doesn’t talk much but whenever she does, she talks of taking our baby home. We have been in the hospital since the day Maheen has been admitted and every day since then has been like a nightmare. Maheen needs to be in the hospital for at least three more weeks but I have no money. As I stay awake in the hospital corridors in the night all I can think of is finding some way out to ease my daughter’s pain." 

How you can help

As Nazeema and Waseem spend sleepless nights worrying about their baby Maheen, they are only reminded of her happy face back at home. They miss watching their daughter giggle and play. But with no money in hand, they don’t know if they will ever be able to take Maheen back home. Little Maheen has been diagnosed with a serious blood infection that is shutting down all her organs one by one. She needs to stay in the hospital for few more weeks but her parents are unable to afford that. Your kind help can bring back the smile on this baby’s face and give her a new life.

You can support to save 1-year-old Maheen

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team. 

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