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Aggressively Growing Tumour In 8-Month-Old Will Leave Him Completely Motionless Without Urgent Help

Every time someone wearing blue passes by baby Lihan’s bed, he thinks it's one of the nurses coming to give to him an injection and starts trembling. He cries out to his mother, Pallavi, reaching out to her with his one functional hand, begging her to carry him. Baby Lihan has only experienced pain in the last two months. “I can see the pain in his eyes. He can’t talk yet so all he does is cry loudly and tug at my arm,” Pallavi says. The tumour that started in his neck has now spread to his spine and nerves, and he has lost movement in his right hand. The tumour is spreading so aggressively that even two surgeries couldn’t stop it. Only chemotherapy can save Pallavi and Deepak's only child now.

A small swelling on his neck led to a grave diagnosis

Until he was 5-months-old, Baby Lihan was like every other child his age. He would smile every time Pallavi held him and would look at her with his bright eyes. He had just begun rolling over and gaining strength in his neck when Pallavi noticed a small swelling on the right side of his neck. In the next two days, she noticed that he would only bend his neck to the right side, and the swelling was slowly increasing.

"He slowly stopped moving his hands, and his legs would shake uncontrollably. We couldn't understand what was happening to him. It was as if overnight, our happy, playful child changed." - Pallavi, mother

Deepak and Pallavi took him from their home in Tumkur to Bangalore where his condition was finally diagnosed as lipoblastomatosis, a rare, benign tumour of fatty tissue that occurs in infants. After many scans and tests, the doctors told Pallavi and Deepak that their baby’s tumour, although not cancerous, was equally dangerous.

Despite 2 surgeries, baby Lihan is still not out of danger 

Baby Lihan underwent one surgery in August and another in September before they realized that the tumour had spread to his nerves, and surgery wasn’t enough to save him. Now, baby Lihan needs 9 cycles of chemotherapy to survive this rare and dangerous tumour that affects 1 in two million. While his parents somehow managed to start his first cycle last week, continuing his treatment is beyond their means.

The parents have already spent more than they could afford on his treatment, now they're helpless

Deepak works for a private company as an executive and earns a modest income, but baby Lihan’s weekly expenses are far more than his monthly income. Pallavi, a homemaker, stays with Lihan at the hospital while Deepak shuffles between hospital and work.
We’ve already spent 10 lakhs on his treatment. We’ve used our insurance, taken many loans and borrowed from friends and family. Now we need 10 lakhs more to continue his treatment, but we can’t afford it at all.”

How You Can Help

Baby Lihan needs chemotherapy to survive the aggressively growing tumour that started in his neck. Lihan is in excruciating pain and needs continued treatment to make it. His parents, after spending everything they had and exhausting all their resources, can’t find a way to save him on their own. They need your help to save their only son.

Your support will save baby Lihan’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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