8-Month-Old Gets Painful Injections Every Day Because Of Blood Disease. Next Time She May Not Make It Out Of The ICU | Milaap
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8-Month-Old Gets Painful Injections Every Day Because Of Blood Disease. Next Time She May Not Make It Out Of The ICU

8-month-old Dhanika is known for her infectious giggles at the hospital where she has been admitted over 4 times into the ICU. Her parents panic whenever she has even a slight cold, and rush her to the hospital. Even now, every morning, Ranjitha takes Dhanika to the hospital first, before heading off to work. People think that Dhanika’s parents are paranoid. A closer look at their family, tells a different story.

'People don't believe she is ill because she is happy'

Dhanika looks like a normal and healthy child, giggling every time her mother tickles her tummy, rolling over, and now, she even sits up on her own. It is probably why people fail to believe that she was born with a terrible disorder that weakens her immune system. Riddled with fever, cold and cough, Dhanika needs injections every day to keep her alive. Her mornings begin at the hospital where she thrashes around while being pricked head to toe, and her nights end with Jagadeesh and Ranjitha rocking her to sleep, hoping that the next day will be a better one for their little girl.

Dreams of a happy and healthy childhood for Dhanika, shattered

“We were so nervous and excited. I had even stitched her a few clothes. Jagadeesh called me every few hours from his office to see how I was doing,” says Ranjitha, reminiscing the days before Dhanika’s birth.
The happiness of her birth, faded into fear when Dhanika started falling sick every 15 days and they began to live at the hospital more than home.

'Even a common cold can kill her now, so we have no time to waste'

“I am a farmer in Chitradurga. The last year was difficult without work on several days. With my savings and loans, I have spent Rs. 5 lakhs already on Dhanika’s treatment. Now, when I cannot even afford her medicines, I am worried about how I can pay for that transplant. It is the only thing that can save her.” - Jagadeesh

Baby Dhanika is extremely vulnerable to infections and her body can’t produce enough white blood cells due to her blood disease, severe congenital neutropenia. While she has been surviving on the injections ever since her condition was diagnosed two months ago, it can’t cure her of this disease. The only curative treatment is a bone marrow transplant for which she needs 34 lakhs – an amount beyond Jagadeesh’s means.

With your support, Dhanika will never have to go back to the ICU again.

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