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6-Year-Old With Curved Spine Will Become Crippled Completely Without An Urgent Surgery

"Now she has also developed chest pain, this might soon affect her lungs and heart.  Doctors said that as she grows her shoulders will become uneven and she'll not be able to walk at all. I break into tears when she asks, 'aai, why I walk like this? will I die soon?' What should I tell her? I have no words to comfort her." - Pooja, Dhanashri's mother.

A deadly disease had filled this 6-year-old's childhood with pain and suffering

When Yuvraj and Pooja were blessed with a baby girl their happiness knew no bounds as they always wished to have a daughter. Despite their poverty, they lived happily with their children in a small house. But as Dhanashri grew older, she walked differently and was not able to rest on her back for long hours. Worried parents, consulted the doctor and they were told that her spinal cord is curved.

Spine of a person affected with scoliosis

"When they told us that her age will only increase difficulties and very soon it might take her life, my husband and I broke down the very moment. My daughter had suffered all her life and she had never led a normal day in her life. I cannot bear to think that this grave disease has put my daughter's life at risk and the thought of losing my loving child is very painful." - Pooja.

Only an urgent treatment can help Dhanashri live a normal life

6-year-old Dhanashri is suffering from scoliosis, a disease that causes spine deformity. Where the spine bends to the left or right, creating a C- or S-shaped curve. She urgently needs 5 surgical closure, a surgery that will correct the shape of her spine without which she will not survive.

"The pressure on her spinal cord is causing loss of coordination in the muscles of her legs, making it difficult for her to walk normally. She often cries out loudly with a severe backache. At one moment she sits and cries and the very next she stands. There is no position that can ease her pain. Her curved spine makes it difficult for her to walk normally like others. She suffers severe body pains and it is painful to watch her go through such agony at this young age."- Pooja.

This farmer and a domestic helper are unable to save their daughter

Yuvraj is a farmer who earns Rs 3000 a month and Pooja works as a domestic helper in a few houses and earns only Rs 2000 a month. With these minimal incomes, the couple struggles to run the house. The expenses of the treatment have overburdened the shoulders of these parents and are unable to afford the surgery that can save their daughter.

"Food is an everyday struggle for us. With this poverty, we cannot think of big numbers. The surgery costs 15 lakhs, the money which we have never seen in our life. We have borrowed 3 lakhs for her tests and medicines. Now we are neck deep in debt. I am left with nothing but empty hands to pray for a sign of help, please save our daughter." - Pooja.
An old photograph of Dhanashri

How You Can Help

6-year-old Dhanashri is suffering from a spine deformity, where her spine has curved and it makes it difficult for her to walk and rest on her back. She urgently needs a surgery that will correct the shape of her spine. The delay in the treatment will make her condition more critical. The poor parents cannot afford the expensive surgery. This young girl has only known pain her life and now she is struggling to live.

Your kind contribution will help Dhanashri live.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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