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Young Boy Stays Positive Despite Battling Large Tumor That Has Disfigured Him, Needs Urgent Help

Waiting outside the doctor’s cabin, Aryan holds his mother Pallavi’s hand, assuring her that everything will be fine soon. Aryan has always been Pallavi’s greatest strength, and now, as he battles a cancerous tumour in his brain, he still stays strong and positive. “I will beat this disease and only then go home, mumma,” he says, bravely. But Aryan is young and doesn’t understand the implications of cancer, the thought of which haunts Pallavi day and night.
The tumour has ravaged his face, and the swelling on his head is only getting bigger. There are times when he sees his reflection and flinches but stays quiet. It’s been 3 months since they’ve gone back home, and Aryan is not ready to give up. He’s determined to fight what he thinks is an infection. However, his positivity alone is not enough to beat the dreadful disease – Aryan needs chemotherapy urgently. 

Just when they thought he had beat the tumour in his stomach, they were told that his fight was not over yet

Before cancer crept into Aryan’s life, he was like any other child, growing and playing as he should. He was the teachers favourite at school and was popular among his classmates. Aryan is kind, intelligent and very giving. Pallavi and Briju grew prouder each day watching him blossom. However, in March this year, he came back home with a severe stomach pain.
“We took him to 7 doctors, but no one could tell us what was happening to him. He wasn’t getting any better. I finally took him to Calcutta where they told us that he has a tumour in his stomach.” - Pallavi Devi, mother 

Aryan’s tumour was surgically removed, and it was only then that his parents found it that it was cancer. A few months after his surgery, when he began recovering, Pallavi finally breathed a sigh of relief. However, just as he was getting better, Aryan started having headaches. What they initially thought was caused by his medicines, turned out to be a large tumour in his brain. Pallavi nearly gave up hope, she was shattered – the only thing keeping her going was her son’s strength.

The tumour in his brain can grow and spread rapidly without urgent treatment

Aryan has medulloblastoma, a large cancerous tumour in his brain that can spread to the other parts of his brain and spinal cord if not treated in time. He underwent two surgeries in September to remove the tumour, but he’s still not out of danger – he needs chemotherapy to survive.

After months of medical expenses, Pallavi and Briju have nothing left to save their son’s life

As devastated as Pallavi and Briju were, they were determined to get their son treated. They have already spent more than 10 lakhs on his cancer treatment so far and are in severe debt. Chemotherapy is beyond their means.

I had saved some money for our sons’ future and education, all of that is now gone. I have no strength left in me anymore to watch him suffer. How much does he have to go through before he’s free from this pain? He doesn’t understand what cancer is, so he remains positive. But for us, it’s hard to ignore reality. We will lose him if we can’t afford his treatment.”

Briju works as a school van driver in their hometown in Jamshedpur and earns around Rs. 7000 per month. He hasn’t been able to go to Calcutta to be with Aryan during his treatment because his work is the only thing getting them through the day. He calls Pallavi every day, and they both often end up crying over the phone. They’re helpless and broken – only your support can save their son from this misery.

How You Can Help

Aryan tells his mother, “I will be fine soon, don’t worry so much” but not a minute goes by where Pallavi is not worried about losing him. Aryan as a cancerous tumour in his brain and needs chemotherapy to fight it, but after months of treatment and surgeries, Pallavi and Briju have nothing left to save their 9-year-old son. Aryan needs your help to fight cancer and go back home, healthy.

Your support will save Aryan’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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