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Despite Poor Health, Mother Is Determined To Save Her Baby Girl Who Will Not Survive Without Ventilator Support

"My baby is 1-year-old and since her birth I have been running back and forth to hospital. They say tough times reveal true people in life and I learnt that there is no one for me but just my husband who is struggling to save every rupee he earns. This is the 7th time she is admitted to hospital in this year for her lung infection. I'm emotionally and physically exhausted but I'm gathering all my strength and trying hard to stay strong for my baby. I'm waiting to see a smile in her face. I don't know if that can ever happen" - Sherin Taj, Mother of baby Arshiya.

Baby Arshiya is on ventilator support from the past 12 days

Baby Arshiya was born prematurely and she weighed just 1.75 kgs. She was in hospital for a month and her parents Sherin and Abrar were happy to take her home. Within 15 days they rushed her to hospital and she was in ICU for another 2 months due to severe pneumonia. Little did they know that it'll turn out be a never-ending struggle. Now she suffers from severe breathing trouble and she is in the PICU on ventilator support. She will need another few weeks of treatment to recover completely.

"My baby has spent most of her days in hospital than at home. I live in constant fear of losing her. We have lost everything we had for her treatment. My relatives tell us to leave everything in God's hands and be prepared for the worst. But how can I give up on my daughter?" She has been through so much of pain and distress at this age"- Sherin

Poor mother faints often due to bad health yet she is desperately struggling to save her baby

Sherin has been suffering from severe ulcer for 2 years. She is strictly advised by the doctors to have only homemade food that is not spicy. But she has never been able to take care of her health. She skips food most of the time. One day, she fainted in the hospital and since then nurses compel her to eat food on time. There is no one to bring her food from home, she buys food from outside and it has led to unbearable pain in her stomach. She refuses to buy any tablets for her because now all she needs is to provide treatment to her daughter.

"I feel terrible to stay all alone and look at my baby battling for life. I do not close my eyes even for a moment, I fear I might lose my baby at any moment. Whenever doctors rush to the room my heart beats rapidly. I have always felt that my baby has the willpower to live. There were times even doctors  were doubtful, but she made it. This time also she can make it but I don't know how I can help her.." - Sherin

Baby's father is a helper in a shop and has been struggling to meet expenses

Arshiya's father, Abrat Ali works in a small shop that sells mobile phones. He earns a meager income of Rs 9000 per month. Baby Arshiya's medicines alone costs Rs 8000 per day. Poor Abrat lost count of the amount of money he has borrowed for the treatment. He sold Sherin's Jewelry. His elder son Aavid Ali (3) has just started going to school but Abrat fears he might not be able to pay his fees even for 1 term. From the day Arshiya was born, he has been running to everyone he knew for money but now he is helpless.

"My husband has stopped asking our relatives because they ask him to give up. He has not even paid the money he borrowed from his friends when our daughter was admitted last time. Now all he can do is to work all 7 days and save every rupee. He comes to see our baby once in a week at night time and leaves early morning for work."- Sherin.

How you can help

1-year-old baby Arshiya is suffering from respiratory distress and she is on ventilator support. Her mother Sherin, who is exhausted both physically and emotionally is struggling all alone to save her baby. Arshiya needs another 3 weeks of treatment without which she will not survive. Only your support can save this baby's life.

Your kind contribution can help 1-year-old baby to get treatment and survive

Supporting Documents

  The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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