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Forced To Quit His Job To Save His Baby's Life, This Father Is Now Struggling Without Any Help

“I still remember how excited my wife, Harshali and I were during her pregnancy. We spent every moment planning for the newborn and on the day the nurse gave me my baby to hold, tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks. Now, Arnav is only 1-year-old and he is fighting with such a terrible disease. He is too small to understand anything but he is so afraid of doctors and nurses when we go for check ups that he clutches on to Harshali's saree when he we are there. I was forced to leave my job so that I could help my wife take care of our son and I have no income to continue his treatment. Can a father feel any more helpless? I am always scared that I will lose my little baby if I can’t afford the transplant.” - Harishchandra More, father. 

Little Arnav was completely fine till he had a severe fever that was not subsiding at all

1-year-old Arnav has been diagnosed with Familial hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) type 3  and the only way he can survive is through a bone marrow transplant. It is a disorder in which the immune system produces too many activated immune cells. This results in very high fever and ends up damaging the major organs of the body like the liver, spleen etc. The blood-producing cells in the bone marrow also get destroyed. 

 An old picture of Arnav with his father

“He was four months old when he got a very high fever. His entire body had become so hot that we could not even touch him. He was crying out in pain and the very sight of him writhing in pain scared us. We immediately called for an ambulance and left for the hospital. Arnav was immediately admitted and several tests were carried out. When the doctors told us that our son is suffering from this rare disease we did not know what to say. Never in our life had we heard about this; we had no idea as to how we could get him treated.” 

Harshali and Harishchandra trying to calm down little Arnav

The poor father had to quit his job to take care of his son who needs to go for regular hospital checkups

Harishchandra was working in a factory in Navi Mumbai and he used to earn a monthly income of Rs 8000 per month. It was not much but he was trying very hard his best to look after his family in the best possible way. But the shocking news of his son’s sickness has turned everything topsy-turvy. Arnav needs to go for routine checkups every fifteen days and Harishchandra had to quit his job to take his son for these. There is no one else who can help him out with all of this. He has already spent around Rs 5 lakhs after borrowing from his friends and near relatives. He is ready to be the donor for his son but the life-saving transplant for his son would cost him another 15 lakhs. Harishchandra is in no condition to arrange for so much money without any help.

How you can help

1-year-old Arnav is battling a rare disease and needs an urgent bone marrow transplant to live. But his unemployed father cannot afford it. Your kind support can help these Harishchandra and Harshali to save the life of their little son.

Your kind contribution can give this child a healthier life

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team. 

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