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This 3-Month-Old’s Cold Turned Into Deadly Heart Infection Within Days, Needs Urgent Help

When Baby Ansika got admitted in a government hospital earlier this month because of chest congestion, her father Ajayan was sure that she would be fine soon. “She was such a healthy baby,” he says, “She would drink milk well, sleep properly and was not fussy at all. We believed that her severe cold was due to the extreme cold wave that Kerala was going through at that point.But sadly, Ajayan was wrong. She spent more than 10 days at the hospital, but instead of getting better, her health worsened and her parents had to rush her to another private hospital, where now she is fighting for her life.

 ‘Doctors say that she survived only because she was lucky’

Baby Ansika was rushed to the ICU on arrival at the private hospital as she had severe breathing issues. On probing, doctors found that her chest congestion had become worse and even affected her heart. She was diagnosed with myocarditis with severe cardiac dysfunction, a disease where severe infection of the heart causes it to stop functioning properly. She has been on cardiac support medication and ventilator support since then. Doctors told her parents that Ansika was lucky; had it been any other child who had gone through so much stress, they wouldn’t have survived. She now needs prolonged ICU care to survive.

“Our baby was born healthy – she weighed a good 3.5 kg too. She was growing up to be active and smart – she had started cooing already and would respond to our calls with giggles and babbles. She was so chubby and cute – it is disheartening to see that she has lost so much weight and vigor due to her disease. Why did all this suffering have to happen to such a small child?” – Seema, mother

A painter who has been unemployed for 1 month now, Ajayan needs help to save his daughter

“I used to earn up to Rs 750 rupees a day when work was available. But ever since my child has become sick, I am unable to go to work as I have to be in the hospital at all times – to get her medicines or other essentials that she might need. I was able to pay for her treatment till now by borrowing heavily from relatives and friends. I need just a lakh more, but I have nothing left, please help me,” - Ajayan
Your kind support can ensure that this baby survives

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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