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This 16-Year-Old With Extremely Low Blood Count Needs Your Help For Urgent Treatment

Akash was an active and studious 16-year-old who is very keen and passionate about his studies. Unlike boys of his age whose only concern would be whether to join Science or Arts stream, Akash’s only concern is whether he’s going to make it to the next day. Just as he finished his 10th board exams, he had been facing the greatest challenge imaginable - A life-threatening blood disorder. Akash has been bound to his bed for the past 6 months as the weakness in his body didn’t allow him even to stand up by himself. His condition is only growing worse with each passing day and his poor parents who are in huge debts can’t afford the treatment that can save Akash’s life. 

Akash before a deadly blood disease took over his life

Akash was a healthy boy who never had any major health issues

For Mamatha and Premanand, their happy and content life in Danpur, Orissa with their children Akash and Smita (17) now feels like a long lost dream. Their entire lives changed ever since Akash started having fever and constantly complained about extreme dizziness and unbearable pain in his legs. His parents were concerns grew when Akash didn’t get better even after he was given medicines. They couldn’t understand what was happening to their son until they’ve took him to Bhubaneshwar, Orissa for better consultation. Akash was diagnosed with severe aplastic anaemia, which means his body does not produce enough healthy blood cells.

As Akash’s body doesn’t produce blood cells, he needs to be taken to the hospital every week for blood transfusions. Every time his blood count drops dangerously low, he gets red patches all over his body and every breath that he takes becomes a painful struggle for him. He needs to undergo immediate treatment to recover from this deadly disease.

Akash cries in silence day and night

“Ever since Akash got to know that he has blood disease, he hasn’t been the same. He has stopped talking to everyone and asks to be left alone. He has lost interest in everything. Sometimes, I see tears gushing out of eyes and ask him what is bothering him. But he says nothing. He’s been silently going through all the pain and I feel helpless for not being able to ease him from the pain.” - Mamatha, mother.

Premanand works as a helper in a cloth shop earning a meager income of Rs 5000 per month through which he manged to feed his family. Now that his son needs urgent treatment, Premanand has been asking help from everyone he knows. He has spent Rs 1.5 lakhs till now by borrowing money from others just for the medical tests and blood transfusions. ' I’ve even quit my job so that I can take care of my son. But now having no source of income, I can’t afford a life-saving treatment for my son that costs 10 lakhs.’ says Premanand who needs your help to save his son.

He can only get better with your help

“I don’t even have money to afford a proper meal for my family. Whatever I have earned and borrowed, I’ve spent it entirely for my son’s blood transfusions. Please help me save my son. I will be eternally grateful to you” - Premanand, father
Akash is going through a lot of pain and his parents are struggling every day to save his son from the dreadful blood disease. Your contribution can help this distraught parents save their son.

Akash needs your help to fight blood disease

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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