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1-Year-Old Baby Already Lost His Left Kidney To A Deadly Tumor And Can Now Lose His Life Without Help

Even after removing his left kidney that had a tumor, he’s still in the ICU and so weak. He barely looks alive. Despite so many complications, he has miraculously survived and is still fighting for his life. I can’t even get myself to look at him because he has so many pipes and needles on him” – Mojaffar, Ahnaf’s father

1-year-old Ahnaf’s tumor has grown and spread to other parts of his body so rapidly that even after removing it along with one of his kidneys, Ahnaf still needs additional chemotherapy and treatments to survive. His father, who his heartbroken because Ahnaf is still on life support and can’t even eat food, feels helpless because he has nothing left to save his baby.

Farhana (mother), Mojaffar and Ahnaf at the ICU

Baby Ahnaf’s tumor spread rapidly in a matter of months, causing him intense pain in his abdomen and even loss of appetite

“His abdominal area appeared to be swollen. After medicines didn’t work, just within 2 months, the left side of his abdomen was incredibly swollen and it was hard too. After performing a CT scan, we found out that he had a cancerous tumor above his kidney. I was so frightened. I went to so many hospitals and in no time, his tumor got attached to his kidney. He couldn’t pass stool because his stools were rock solid and he would just cry in pain for hours. His kidney was damaged and his urine was so yellow! Even if he wanted to eat anything, he couldn’t because he would puke it all out because his stomach was always so swollen.” – Mojaffar

1-year-old Ahnaf has been through hell. He was diagnosed with a deadly tumor known as Wilms tumor, which spreads very rapidly to other vital organs of the body if untreated. Sadly, in the 1-year-old's case, this is exactly what happened. 

Ahnaf suddenly went into a coma just after he was started on chemo

Ahnaf was responding well to chemotherapy, but just about a week ago, he suddenly lost consciousness and just wouldn’t open his eyes. Shocked, Mojaffar and his wife, Farhana, rushed him to the ICU.

We normally spend Eid celebrating but here we were so devastated because our baby wasn’t even breathing. He was playing with his toys and he suddenly collapsed. He wouldn’t even open his eyes. He was put in the ICU on life support and countless other pipes and needles. He had to undergo an immediate surgery. We were told that he had only 5% chances of survival. We couldn’t hold back our tears and waited 7 hours without seeing him but, he survived! It was, indeed, a miracle. His tumor had become so big that they had to remove his left kidney too. He still can’t eat anything and he’s being fed through tubes. When we go next to him, he wants to speak but he can’t even do that.” – Mojaffar

 Despite his tumor being removed surgically, this baby is so critical that he will not survive without prolonged chemotherapy

1-year-old Ahnaf tumor, even though it’s removed, caused heavy damage to his body. He is still extremely weak and he just cannot survive without, at least, 6 months of chemotherapy, but Mojaffar has absolutely nothing left.

He was such a playful and active kid. No matter who it is, he would play with that person and smile. He rarely cried and was just a happy baby. It’s so depressing to see him like this. Farhana cries every day. He’s our first baby and we had no idea this would happen.” – Mojaffar

Mojaffar has run out of money, and is now running out of time to save his baby who cannot even move because of tubes all over his tiny body

I just work at a driving company and earn around Rs. 300/day. Until now, after borrowing and selling everything, I have spent around Rs. 6 lakhs. There is no way I can afford his chemotherapy, especially for the next 6 months. I spend every moment just thinking about how I’m going to get him better. There are pipes in his body to remove his stool and urine too. I just want to hold him in my arms again.” – Mojaffar

How you can help

Mojaffar has borrowed over Rs. 3 lakhs till now. His baby, 1-year-old Ahnaf has miraculously come back from the jaws of death and is still very critical in the ICU still in dire need of life-saving treatments and additional chemotherapy. Mojaffar is in desperate need of Rs. 12 lakhs and he simply cannot save his son without your help.

Your support will save 1-year-old Ahnaf and will ensure that he is able to breathe and eat food again.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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