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This 14-Year-Old Girl Who Hasn’t Woken Up For 5 Days Due To Rare Illness Needs Urgent Help

“My daughter, Abha hasn’t opened her eyes for 5 days now. She was a very fit and strong girl who wouldn't rest even when she ran a fever, now she isn’t even waking up. I am trying to tell her about things that she loved, about the big dreams she has, but she is responding to nothing. My only prayer is that she doesn’t take her last breath in her sleep.” Jyoti, Abha’s mother.

Even after 25 days, Abha’s fevers haven’t gone down; they have only become worse

Jyoti and Rinku’s 14-year-old daughter is their pride. She always stood first in her class. They still cannot believe that their daughter, who they imagined would have a bright future, will suffer from such a tragic fate.

“25 days ago, my daughter had a fever. When even after 3 days the fever didn’t go down, I was a bit worried. She also developed rashes and was constantly scratching herself. As they say, a mother’s heart knows it all. I knew something wasn’t right. Now it has been 25 days and her body has been burning with 104-degree temperature. I don’t understand who cast an evil eye on my child.”

Abha’s condition is deteriorating rapidly and all her organs are getting affected

Abha has febrile illness, a condition in which the cause of fever or skin rashes is unknown. Now she has also developed immunity disorder and many of her organs are getting affected. Along with her brain, her liver and kidneys have an infection. Now she needs constant PICU care and take plasma transfusions. Her condition is very critical and her everyday survival seems to be a miracle.

“She always said that she would be a banker and end all our financial woes. My elder son, Harsh, and Abha are our pillars of strength. The two siblings were inseparable. Now Harsh can’t even meet his sister. He calls us every day and cries. He asks us if Abha’s going to live. I don’t even know what to tell him.”

To become better and live, she needs to get back to her senses

With constant ICU and ventilator support and plasma transfusion, doctors are hopeful that Abha will become better. But if she doesn’t get back to her senses for very long, it will become difficult to save Abha. The teenager with a bright future doesn’t deserve death at such a tender age.

“Everyone in the family loves her so much that when we had to come from Jharkhand to Chennai to keep her alive, Rinku and I didn’t come alone. Her 2 uncles and her grandfather came along. They are scared that Abha will not be able to sail through her suffering without them. Everyone cries secretly, but together everyone tries to be their strongest selves.”

Rinku has already spent 70 times his monthly income to keep his daughter alive

Rinku owns a tractor and that is his only source of income. He manages to save Rs 5000 a month somehow. He has already spent Rs 3.5 lakhs in 5 days which is 70 times his monthly income. The expenses are beyond Abha’s family’s means. All her relatives combined, they can’t afford to save her. Rinku and Jyoti haven’t shied away from begging and borrowing to save their daughter. But all their resources are over and they will lose their daughter to poverty without support.

How you can help

Bright and young teenager, Abha is suffering from multiple disorders which have left her unconscious for 5 days and her organs infected. The cost required to save her now is Rs 15 lakhs and her family has nothing left to save her.

Your support will help this teenager wake up again.

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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