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Husband Volunteered To Donate Kidney To Wife Only To Find Out That He Has Liver Cancer

“I wanted to donate my kidney because my wife needs a kidney transplant. The pre-transplant evaluation revealed that I have liver cancer, and I need a liver transplant.”

Suhas Kambre was already in turmoil. His wife has kidney failure and she needs dialysis every week. The doctor said there was no time to waste, they had to consider a kidney transplant. Suhas volunteered to donate, and when he went in for an evaluation, the family received the most devastating news – Suhas himself was racing for survival.

This story has been written from Suhas’ perspective.

I was supposed to save my wife, now I need someone to save me

Ours is a small family. My wife (Sheetal), my son (Devang) and I used to be happy and content. In 2013, Sheetal was diagnosed with kidney failure. She needs dialysis every week. Every hospital said that she needs a kidney transplant. When the doctor enquired if there was anyone in her family who would be willing to donate, I realized it was too much to ask them.

I wanted to donate, but I battled and won against blood cancer in 1994. I asked the doctor if that was going to be a problem. That’s when we went through the evaluation and found the tumor on my liver.

There is no way to fix my liver except to go for a transplant

I was shattered when the doctor told me that I had liver cancer. He said the only prognosis is a liver transplant. “Why can’t you resect the tumor?” I asked. They said that with liver, that is not possible. I could not afford the transplant, with Sheetal’s life at stake. So, I asked if there was any other way.

A line of chemotherapy drugs could help shrink the tumor. We tried the therapy, but the tumor was too big to shrink with these drugs. It is not just cancer, it is also chronic liver disease with Hep C. I have no choice but to go for the liver transplant.

This is not about one surgery, it is life after the surgery

I’m so worried about Sheetal. I have been saving up for her transplant. I still do not have all the money. Now, my treatment is going to cost me around Rs. 19.5 lakhs. My medicines will cost Rs. 20,000/month. Sheetal’s dialysis bills go up to Rs. 20,000.

Even if I pool all my funds I cannot use it for the transplant. If I do that, we will not have even one rupee left for Sheetal’s weekly dialysis or my son’s school fees or a daily meal.

How can you help

I’m the only earning member of this family. I would have to take a break from work for the transplant. I must think about Sheetal’s surgery, and I must stay alive to care for her and my son. Please, help me get through this liver transplant.

Your contribution would keep us both alive.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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