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Crowdfund this Man's Incredible Journey To Fatherhood Will Inspire You To Support His Cause

A man who went from never wanting any kids to being a father of 18. It’s not every day that miracles like this happen, but when two people have big hearts full of love for each other, miracles can rain on us.

Isaac and Tara discovered they couldn’t have children. Tara’s strong desire to fill that hole in her heart and their home eventually convinced Isaac. Time took its course, and STEPS was born as a safe haven for young girls who were abandoned, abused or trafficked. They now have 14 girls at STEPS, for whom they have provided the best possible childhood. With your help, this couple can fulfill all requirements to take care of these girls for the growing years of their lives.

The Lucky Sitara (Star)

Isaac and Tara were students in the USA very much in love, when they got married. “We tried for several years to have a child, when we finally discovered that we couldn’t. She still wanted to have children. She wanted to adopt from all around the world. Little did she know that the man she married wouldn’t be keen on that thought,” explains Isaac.

Tara never stopped trying to coax Isaac into the idea. Her desire to be a mother got stronger by the day. When the couple settled down in India, she would visit orphanages just to hold the children and experience that feeling. While Isaac discussed this issue with his mentor, he replied, “The greatest joy you can bring is to fulfill her deepest desire.” That day, something struck Isaac. In an effort to make her happy, he gave in to Tara’s desire.

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The couple brought home an adorable baby girl whom they named Sitara. “She changed our lives and made it what it is today.” Isaac, who was not all that child-friendly, became a father, and a protector to a baby girl. Three years later, they adopted a baby boy, Tarun. “Somehow, he completed our family, he brought us balance.”

First step to STEPS Home

As they got more acquainted with the process of adoption and the stories behind the babies, their hearts yearned to care for more such children. Isaac began encouraging Tara to create a safe haven that these children can call home. “During that time, a friend called us about three girl babies who were going to be abandoned or end up in a much worse situation because of superstitious beliefs in a community rooted in backward and occult practices. We went ahead and took them in. That’s how STEPS began. Our girls have come from all across South India and they have heart wrenching stories. Now, they are our children with a beautiful childhood.”

We are family

STEPS has a strong motto – to rescue young girls from abuse, abandonment or trafficking. So far, they have 14 children as a part of their family. “The way I see it, we have 18 children – Sitara, Tarun, 14 precious girls under the roof of STEPS and two German Shepherds. We are a big happy family. The girls are just like any other children. They all go to a school; they call us mom and dad; everything here is just like it is at anyone’s home. As they are all girls, my wife, like any mom, is a little strict about normal things like boys and curfew. I feel quite strongly about protecting more and more such children who are being mistreated which is why our tagline says it all.”

Your support can help STEPS

Earlier, Isaac had rented out a house for all the children, and as the number grew, they purchased a land where now stands a proper home for the girls. Over the years, Isaac and Tara have borne the costs personally to bring up the girls, while family, friends, and well-wishers have also generously contributed towards STEPS Home.  

As the year is ending, the expenses are piling up, and so are responsibilities. Isaac seeks your support to help them fund the school fees, clothes, transportation costs, and pending civil works on STEPS Home. They are running out of time and resources to come up with these funds which can heavily impact the girls’ lives if gone unpaid.

STEPS now needs your support to care for these young lives. Continue to make miracles by contributing to their cause. Donate Now