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3-Year-Old Battling Death Even After 30 Transfusions Needs Our Help To Live!

Little Srinjayee turned 3 on August 5, 2017. She had been waiting to turn 3 so she could go to school and learn new things she could do with the alphabets and numbers she had learned. Instead, the little one spent her third birthday in the hospital undergoing blood transfusions to keep her alive.

“Baba, please take me home. I don’t like being here,”

Srinjayee was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia 2 months back. This means her body cannot produce new blood cells, leaving her fatigued most of the time. Her body is weak and she is being kept alive only on transfusions. The little one has already undergone 5 blood transfusions and over 30 platelet transfusions.
She has spent the past two months in various hospitals, absolutely unable to survive without support.

Srinjayee’s Father Is A Petty Shop Owner.

Srinjayees father, Ashok owns a small bedding store in North 24 Parganas. Due to his baby’s condition, he had to shut the shop to be with her while she undergoes treatment. His monthly income of Rs. 8000 is hardly enough to make ends meet for his family of 5. Now, with his income gone, he has no way to keep his daughter alive.

“When I heard we had to travel to another part of the country for treatment, I gave up. I knew I did not have the money to even save my daughter’s life, but my friends and relatives supported and helped me so I could at least try,” the father admits.

But He Wants A Permanent Solution For His Daughter.

Ashok cannot watch his little one die every day. He wishes for a permanent solution to her problem. Transfusions are expensive, and he cannot afford it as and when Srinjayee needs it.
A Bone Marrow Transplant is the only way his baby daughter can live. This will stop the need for regular transfusions and help the little one live a normal life. The procedure is estimated to cost the family 20 Lakh.

Baby Srinjayee time is running out and she is slowly giving up

She asks lesser and lesser about school and home now. It used to make the little one restless in excitement to even think about her friends. She wanted nothing more than to go back home and join the school, but now she has become very grim and silent.

“It’s almost like every prick of the needle took away a little bit of my daughter. I could not even bear seeing her go through so much pain,”
Regular transfusions at a previous hospital had given her infections. Now, the infection has been cured to a large extent, and a channel has been inserted to ease her pain during transfusions, but her little body is getting weaker and weaker.

How you can help.

20 Lakh is a very big amount for a family with no income. Ashok is compelled to see his little one die a slow, painful death if he cannot help her with the right medical treatment.
Any contribution made towards this fundraiser will help this father save his little daughter.

Supporting document:
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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