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8-year-Old Dharshini Suffers From A Blood Disease And Seeks Your Help To Survive

8-year-old Sridharshini suffers from Pure Red Cell Aplasia, a condition in which the blood does not have the ability to produce red blood cells. She was been blood transfusions for 8 years which exposes her to a lot of complications. Fortunately, she found a complete macthed for a bone marrow transplantation which will save her life. Lack of funds is the only thing keeping her from recovery.

Siblings Suffer From The Same Condition 

Sridharshini's disease came as a double tragedy to the family who was already devasted by the news that Dharshini's elder brother,Jeyaram, was suffering from the same  diasease. Jeyaram who is 15 years now was diagnosed with this condition when he was just 4 months old. Since then, the family was looking for various options to help him. But lack of financial aid and lack of medical options 15 years ago, he continued on blood transfusions.

Born To Be A Cure For Her Brother, But She Suffers From The Same Illness

When her parents went looking for a cure for Jeyaram, doctors recommended that a bone marrow transplant will be a curative option. Siblings are often a complete match for a bone marrow transplant but Jeyaram had no siblings. In a way, Sridharshini was given birth to save this brother. To the horror of the family, she developed the same condition, showing the same symptoms.

Her brother now is on medications to reduce the iron content in his body, a consqquence of 15 years of blood transfusions. He has lost the ability to write because during one bloood transfusion, the blood clotted in his nerves leading to damage. His speech is affected too. Now Sridharshini is on the verge of same dangers.

Bone Marrow Transplant Will Save Dharshini

She is now undergoing treatment at Apollo Specialty Hospital, Chennai. Her doctor there recommended that she is fit to undergo a bone marrow transplant and unrelated complete match have been found for her. Her brother Jeyaram is still undergoing treatment and is not fit at the moment to undergo the transplant.

How You Can Help

Your contribution will save this little girl from painful blood transfusions and it's complications. She has now a chance to come out of this condition and stay alive. Funds raised will go to cover her bone marrow transplant expenses.
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