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Shop From Home, Without the Internet

Ranjanben Maheshbhai, group leader of "Baliyadev Mahila Mandal" sells bed sheets, pillow cases and hand-made quilts. She buys bed sheets, pillow covers, and scrap cloth in large bulk quantities from town. She then uses these scraps of cloth to stitch a quilt or soft mattress. It takes her one day to stitch 3 such quilts and she could make a profit of Rs.100 off each of them. She sells her products in her village of Ambedkarnagar as well as in other villages around Dhrangadhra.
She has been in this business for almost 3 to 4 years now; even her mother-in-law helps her with this. The interesting part of this entire business is that she sells her handiwork from home. Her husband, who works in a chemical factory, brings her the raw materials from town over a weekend, while she stitches and sells from home all week. People come from different areas to buy her bed sheets and quilts. 
Ranjanben says that on a monthly basis, she manages to save about Rs.5000.

Ranjanben from Dhrangadhra