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Eight Year Old Maha Was Physically Abused By Her Mother Before Being Rescued

Eight year old Maha has faced difficulties that no child her age should ever have to face.

Throughout her life, she has faced abuse at the hands of her mother. Maha’s mother is a labourer at construction sites in Chennai- and she is a drunk. Every evening, she came home drunk and loudly abused Maha and her brother.

It got to a point where the neighbours called Social Services and reported the abuse. Social Services took Maha in, and were deciding where to place her. This is when Maha was placed with Steps Home in Chennai.

“She had been through severe physical beatings, and even had cigarette burns on her back and her heels"

Issac and his wife Tara run Steps Home

A few years after their marriage in 1990, they discovered that they could not have children. Since it was their heart’s desire to have children, they adopted two children- a baby girl and a boy.

They still had room in their hearts to love- and so they started Steps Home.

“Our motto is – Change the world, one girl at a time”  
They now adopt girls like Maha- who are abused, and in need of loving care.

Maha now does not come near any lady

Since her abuse was at the hands of her mother, Maha does not come near any woman. She is constantly afraid that they are going to hurt her. Her trauma is something that Issac and Tara are helping her overcome.

She can be violent- and fights with the other girls. Maha does not understand that she is safe, but sees threats everywhere.

“Adopting a ‘good child’ is easy. Adopting a child like Maha- who comes with her own baggage, and making her a good citizen- that is what we want in life.”

A month ago, Maha underwent heart surgery

At a routine medical test, doctors found out that Maha had a hole in her heart, and needed an urgent surgery. Issac and Tara pooled together funds and with the help of friends and family, the surgery happened.

Steps Home exists to make a difference in the lives of girls who need a home

Issac and Tara need your support to ensure that their girls have a future. They are fundraising for their girls’ school fees and monthly expenses. They also want to set up a savings fund for their girls so once the girls are 18 years old, they can make their way in life.

Monthly Costs for One Girl:

School fees:  INR 4,700/- ($74/-)
Expenses: INR 6,500/- ($101/-)
Total:  INR 11,200/- ($175)

Seed Money for One Girl:

Savings:  INR 25,000/- ($/-)