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Help Baby Sayani Fight Blood Cancer

It is very early in the morning and people in the small houses next to the hospital are awake. Patients who are undergoing treatment in the hospital and their families stay here. If you listen closely, you can hear a faint cry of a child. She has been crying since long. At times, she stops and you can hear her mother’s voice calling out her name “Sayani’ and asking her not to cry. But she continues to cry. She has been in the hospital the previous day and the pain of injections has not left her.
This little child is suffering from blood cancer and is waiting for a bone marrow transplant to get cured. Sayani’s parents are poor and are struggling to raise funds for her treatment.

5 months into This World and Baby Sayani is Already Fighting cancer

Baby Sayani was just 4 months old when she started falling ill. She was taken to a local hospital near her village. After being referred to few hospitals and after completing few tests, her parents found out that she is suffering from Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JML), a form of blood cancer.

Her family was shattered by the news. Samir Maity, Sayani's father, decided to take her back to the village since he didn’t have the money to treat her. But which father will have the strength to see his child die. Samir decided to take his daughter to a better hospital. He started speaking to the people who have been to other cities to get an understanding of the hospitals for cancer care. But it was not effective. Finally, doctors who treated Sayani initially referred him to Apollo Hospital in Chennai.

This Father Travelled 1,500 km to Keep His Daughter Alive

It was not easy for Samir and his wife to decide on moving to Chennai for Sayani’s treatment. They knew nothing about the city which lies over 1500 Kilometres away from their tiny village in West Bengal. Determined to save his daughter, Samir decided to take his baby to Chennai. “First, it was fear. My wife thought we will be lost in the city without knowing the language and without having money. But in my heart, I knew that I should try. I found strength and decided to move to Chennai. I remember my father’s words. He used to say that every father will find strength in their heart and this will guide them to do the right things for their children. He was always right.”

She Is One Step Away From Becoming Cancer-Free

Sayani is lucky to have found a matching donor. She is waiting for her bone marrow transplantation. The cord blood unit comes from the US and costs nearly 10 lakhs. The overall cost of the transplant will come up to Rs 30 lakhs. This is a huge amount for Samir and he is worried that the treatment will get delayed due to lack of funds.
We were so happy that we found a matching donor for her transplant. Since it’s coming from the US, the expenses are more. We are so close to seeing our daughter get cured but worried that this will not happen”.

How You Can Help Sayani

She is just 5-months-old and has a whole life ahead of her. She is very close to getting cured and if she undergoes transplant as planned, she has a good chance of survival. Our support now will make a huge difference and save a life. Funds raised through this campaign will be transferred to the hospital to ensure it is used to settle the transplant expenses.

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