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This 8-Year-Old Who Was Already Struggling To Speak Is Now Dying Of Blood Cancer

“We named our little daughter Peaceful with lots of love. She is 8 years now and she still can neither speak properly nor understand and remember things. Savita and I were planning to take her to good doctors for this. But sadly, that wasn't the only tragedy we had to deal with. Now she had cancer too. She is so tired that she falls asleep while crying. I am scared that her lean and weak body will not be able to fight cancer, We are running out of money to save her.” Kanu, Peaceful’s father.

This 8-year-old's parents have still not been able to accept that she has cancer

When Peaceful started having fevers, Kanu thought it would probably be dengue or malaria. He was relieved when her fevers reduced by medicines. But she almost stopped eating after 2 days and her fever was back. Her burning body scared her parents.

“I didn’t delay for another day. We immediately did her blood test. What followed next was beyond our wildest imagination. Savita was waiting outside when the doctor told me that my daughter has cancer. Savita fell unconscious as soon as I told her this. She has still not been able to accept her fate, neither have I.”

Besides her cancer, this 8-year-old also has a speech defect that forbids her from a normal life

Little Peaceful has acute promyelocytic leukemia, a dreadful form of blood cancer that occurs in the white blood cells. She needs chemotherapy to stay alive. Cancer is winning over her weak body and her parents are desperate to save her.

“My little girl can’t even speak properly. She can’t tell us clearly if she is in pain. She can’t explain what are her problems. Like other children of her age, she can’t go to school. When her siblings go to school, she stares at them blankly. She can’t remember things and neither can she understand most of the things. Due to this, she has never asked us why we take her to the hospital every day. It is very painful to see her suffering so much.”

After spending 10 times of his daily earning, Kanu has nothing left now

Kanu and Savita are spending every rupee they have sparingly, but they are slowly running out of money. Very soon, the might not have enough to pay for accommodation in Delhi, where they have come for their daughter's treatment.

“I drive a passenger vehicle in Tripura and manage to earn Rs 300 per day. I have to spend about 10 times of my daily income every day now. Now I don’t even have the job. Whatever I brought from home is over now. If I can’t afford her treatment, she might succumb to cancer in a few days. I have promised Savita that I will save our youngest daughter at any cost. If anything happens to her, I will not be able to forgive myself.”

Without urgent treatment, Kanu will not be able to save her daughter

Kanu has already spent Rs 2 lakhs to save Peaceful from cancer. He has borrowed from his relatives and exhausted whatever little savings he had. He already had delayed treatment due to lack of funds. Now he will have to stop Peaceful’s chemotherapy if he doesn’t get money. They are ready to go hungry for days, but all Kanu and Savita want is to save their daughter at any cost.

How you can help

This 8-year-old girl who has difficulty in speaking is now battling dreadful blood cancer. She needs intensive chemotherapy for at least a year now without which the parents will not be able to save her. The cost required to save her now is Rs 6.5 lakhs and her father Kanu will lose her without support.

Your support will help the parents save their daughter from cancer.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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