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Help This Young Girl's Mother Afford An Urgent Heart Tranplant

Poona is 26 years old and the sole breadwinner of her family.

A small but happy family
Poona’s mother Maya Devi is 48 years old. Poona has two siblings- 18 year old Akash, and 23 year old Sonam. Both her siblings are studying. Poona is working in an NGO Raksha- that focuses on animal welfare in Jaipur. The family stays in a single rented room in Jaipur.

Poona’s father left the family when she was in class 12, and the family has no idea of where he is.

How it all started

Until a few years ago, Maya Devi was working. She used to work as a cook and also used to do stitching for families in Jaipur. Everything was fine until she started feeling weak. Her children rushed her to the government hospital, where doctors said that she had blockage in her heart and needed immediate surgery.
Maya Devi asked for medication as they could not afford the surgery.

Few days ago, Maya Devi suffered from a heart attack

Poona rushed her mother to a Government hospital nearby. This was at midnight- and Maya was not treated until 10 AM in the morning. Seeing this, Poona took her mother to a private hospital- Eternal Hospitals.

There, doctors found out that Maya’s health was more serious than previously diagnosed- along with the damage in her heart, she had a kidney stone. The operation needed to be performed immediately.

For the past few days, after the operation, Maya Devi remains in the ICU. Though she was supposed to be brought to the normal ward, her condition has not improved majorly.

How can you help?

Poona is 26 years old and is bravely supporting her family after her father abandoned them. She earns Rs 8000- 10,000 a month, and is battling to save her mother’s life on this salary. For the past month and a half, she has been unable to go to the office as well because of her mother’s illness.

Doctors are now suggesting therapies that would help Maya Devi recover. Poona is desperate to save her mother’s life.