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This 9-Month-Old Baby's Organs Are Failing, Support The Family To End Her Suffering

9-month-old baby Akshita is fighting for her life every day, she underwent a heart surgery when she was just 7-months-old. She has had multiple complications in her kidney, liver, and lungs but is still fighting to live. Her parents Sonia and Ravi are heartbroken to see their child go through the pain every day.

The parents have traveled from Gaya, Bihar to Chennai with a hope to save their only child and have already spent almost two months in Chennai in a temporary accommodation.

The child needs to spend another 1.5 months in hospital to get recover with breathing troubles, however, the medical bills have become a concern for parents as they cannot keep up with the rising expenses.

She smiles despite her pain

After 3 years of their marriage, a bundle of joy was born. "She is such lovely child, despite all the pain she goes through she still smiles and giggles with us".

Akshita was born as a normal healthy child without any health issues, however, she developed breathing problems and use to frequently suffer from a cough and cold. When the breathing troubles did not reduce for 7 months, the parents took her to a better hospital in Patna, where the doctors performed a series of tests.

The tests results were heartbreaking for the parents.

"The doctor said your child's artery never got developed and her condition is extremely critical. They asked us to take her to a specialty hospital in Chennai and Delhi".
The parents in distress immediately went to Ramachandra Medical Hospital in Chennai and got their child thoroughly diagnosed, the doctors suggested to operate her immediately and the estimate for the treatment was close to 2.5 lakhs.

Akshita's suffering has never ended since then.

The surgery of Akshita went well. The stent placement was successfully done however she developed major complications since then.

"Some days her liver doesn't function properly, some days her kidney, why does God have to be so cruel and make a 9-month-old go through so much trauma" - asks Sonia Akshita's Mother

After the surgery, the lungs were not accustomed to much pressure and failed to work normally, As result she has been on ventilator support to breathe for more than a month. In order to make her breathe conveniently, a tracheotomy was also performed.

Akshita, however, is a fighter. She is winning her battle with her cute smile. Every day she shows improvement and the parents are hopeful they will take her home in few weeks.

How you can help

Akshita is a fighter however, she needs to spend another month or two in the hospital. The cost would come close to 6-7 lakhs (for two months). The parents have already spent almost 14 lakhs on treatment and have been staying in Chennai for the last two months.

Their savings have been exhausted and they already have a loan liability of 6 lakhs. Arranging another 6-7 lakhs has become a challenge for them. This little baby is just 9 months old. Our support will ensure this baby is saved.

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