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My Son Has Accepted That He Is Going To Die While We Are Struggling To Save Him

“I can’t answer his questions. I’m just a stupid, illiterate farmer, who can’t even understand the disease that is killing my 12-year-old son! It pains me when he talks as if life is ending. I don’t even know how to console him.”

Vignesh was a miracle baby. He was born after 6 years of trying to have a child. For Shekar and Vijaya, there was no greater joy than holding their son. The joy lasted a short time, He was diagnosed with blood cancer at 5 years of age. After a long, expense, debt-ridden fight, he won the battle. Now 12, Vignesh’s cancer has relapsed. It is stronger and more terrible than before. The cure is unaffordable and the parents are at a loss for help.

We thought it was over but we were wrong

“8 months ago, Vignesh began complaining of severe pain in his hands and legs. It got so bad that he could not even walk or lift his arms. We called his oncologist and they said it sounded like a relapse. We rushed back to Chennai, and the test revealed that his cancer was back.”
Shekar and Vijaya are from Puttur where they work as laborers on a farm. Vijaya is paid Rs. 80/day while Shekar gets Rs. 100/day for all the toiling they do under the Sun. With this, they run the household and care for their son and 7-year-old daughter, Jayashree. The two children have enrolled in school, thanks to the government scheme. Unfortunately, ever since Vignesh’s relapse, he had to quit.

Now he knows everything, and it scares him to death

“Back then he was just a child. He was just afraid of needles and doctors. He would not have understood even if we told him. The doctor said he needs to know now. We told him. The questions he asks, kills us. He is scared. He feels a sense of doom and keeps asking us to protect him. ‘Amma, will something happen to me? Amma, I’m going to die, aren’t I?’ How do I answer this?”
Vignesh has been undergoing chemotherapy. The effects of the treatment – hair loss, weight gain/loss, etc. – are traumatizing for this little child. He is extremely depressed and wants to understand the condition. He is unable to focus on anything but the sense of death waiting for him around the corner.

How you can help

Vignesh needs a bone marrow transplant to beat cancer this time. His sister is a perfect match but the family with their income cannot afford Rs. 20 Lakhs for the treatment. Their friends and relatives are from the same economic background. Without this treatment, Vignesh’s worst fears will come true.

Even the smallest contribution can go towards giving this little boy a second chance at life.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.