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This 2-Year-Old Girl With End Stage Liver Failure Needs Urgent Help To Get A Liver Transplant

2-year-old Sriesha was born healthy and her family was excited about her arrival. When she turned one year, her parents noticed that her eyes and skin became very dark yellow. She was diagnosed with jaundice followed by which series of tests confirmed that she has an end-stage liver failure and very critical now. She needs to urgently undergo a liver transplant.

2-year-old Sriesha needs to undergo liver transplantation

She is very critical and needs a liver transplantation

 Sriesha lives with her parents in a village near Tirunelveli. She was a happy and a calm child. No one ever thought, even in their wildest dreams that she will be diagnosed with a dreaded disease. A year back, her skin and eyes turned dark yellow. Suspecting it to be jaundice she was rushed to the hospital but the worst was yet to come. After a series of tests and scans, it was revealed that she has a lung failure and she needs to urgently undergo a liver transplant to survive. Her mother has already volunteered to be a donor and is currently completing a series of tests.

She has stopped uttering words and she cannot walk

Every now and then, a large amount of fluid is taken out from Sriesha’s stomach. The little one’s stomach is bloated too heavily that she can hardly walk. She has lost her weight completely and looks like a bag of bones with a bloated stomach. She stopped uttering any words and she expresses only through her actions. Doctors said that she’ll be able to talk and walk after the liver transplantation.

Sriesha with her mother in the hospital

“She just began to call me ‘amma’  but suddenly she stopped uttering any words and she cannot walk. It is heartbreaking to see my child in such a terrible situation. I don’t know what it is meant to donate a part of liver but I’m willing to do anything to save her life”

They moved to Kerala from their village for the treatment

There aren’t any facilities in the village they live. Relatives suggested to take her to Chennai but it was during the time of floods. So they decided to initiate the treatment in Kerala. Her parents did not give a second thought about the expense, about the difficulties in managing in a new place, they were determined to save her life by any means.  
Sriesha with her parents in the hospital

Sriesha is now undergoing treatment in Kerala, her mother with her 9-month-old baby has rented out a place near the hospital. Her father is working in a private firm in Trichy for a meager salary. Their life has completely changed but they are fighting this tragic situation with all their strength.

“I cannot even imagine giving up the treatment because of lack of money. I’m working on all days yet I’m not able to pay the bills. I don’t have much time in my hands to save my daughter’s life”

Sriesha can talk and begin to walk only after liver transplantation

How can you help

Sriesha’s father is the only breadwinner in the family. He has asked everyone he knew to pay for the treatment. He spends Rs 20,000 for her medicines alone. He struggles every day to meet the other basic expenses like food and rent. They need Rs 12.5 lakhs for the surgery. Liver transplantation can save her life but they cannot afford it. Your contributions can save her life.

100% of funds raised will be transferred towards Sriesha's treatment. Every contribution will be matched to raise funds faster and help little Sriesha. This fundraiser campaign is supported by The Pravin Agarwal Fund.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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