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21-Year-Old Prabjot Who Once Won An Award From Modi Is Now Fighting A Severe Brain Injury

Prabjot, a 21-year-old from a small village in Punjab, is now fighting for her life after being involved in a serious road accident. This unfortunate event has left the brilliant student unconscious, for over 2 weeks, with severe injuries to her brain. Her father, Bhinderjith, is a daily wage laborer and has exhausted all his resources in providing for her treatments up till now.

Prabjot lying unconscious in the hospital

Prabjot is unconscious and needs medical attention every day

Riden by her cousin, Prabjot was in the passenger seat of a motor vehicle until a car turned and rammed straight into them. Prabjot’s head hit the road hard as she fell a few meters away from the point of contact.  This happened on 3rd January 2018, and ever since Prabjot has been unconscious at the hospital.

After rushing her to a hospital, Prabjot was found to have a Frontal Hemorrhagic Contusion, a form of a traumatic brain injury which causes internal bleeding. Many blood clots in her torso and head were formed after her accident. Now, Prabjot is fighting for her life and after spending over 2 weeks in the hospital, she needs medical attention every day along with procedures to remove her blood clots and stop her bleeding. Her father, Bhinderjith has begged and borrowed to keep the treatments going but has no means to pay for the procedures now.

Prabjot is a brilliant student and was to return to college the following day

Prabjot was to return to Jodhpur, on 4th January 2018, to begin her new semester at the Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice. She is a meritorious student and has performed exceptionally, in her classes and extracurricular activities.

Her friends describe her to be one of the best speakers of the university. In August 2017, Prabjot won the “Quit India Quiz” held by the official site of our Prime Minister and her victorious efforts were rewarded with a book and a personal letter signed by the PM himself! For the National Youth Parliament, a university event, she was, again, rewarded as the best speaker and she aspires to participate at State-level too.

“She is a brilliant student, speaker and like a star among us. She is so polite and humble. We are praying for her every day and doing all we can to support her” – Kushal, Prabjot’s friend.

Bhinderjith can’t afford her treatments anymore

Prabjot’s father, Bhinderjith, is uneducated and a daily wage laborer in his village, unable to save anything from his earnings. Up till now, he has borrowed from other villagers, friends, and family to save Prabjot’s life by providing for the treatments she deserves.

 Binderjith and Prabjot's brother, Tarsem at the hospital besides her 

Prabjot’s mother, Paramjeet, is a housewife and uneducated too. The medical bills keep on rising and have already crossed Rs. 4 lakhs in just over 2 weeks. Prabjot’s stay in the hospital in unpredicted as she needs to regain consciousness primarily. Her medications cost over Rs. 12,000 daily, which is more than Bhinderjith’s monthly salary.

The costs for the operations are estimated to be around Rs. 10 lakhs.

Prabjot’s friends have done all they can too. Her entire college was united to help her and together, they were able to raise over Rs. 1 lakh for her treatments. After exhausting all their resources, her friends are spreading the word on social media every single day, in hopes of Prabjot’s speedy recovery.

Bhinderjith still needs funds to provide for the life-saving medical operations to be performed on Prabjot. Now, he needs your help to make this possible.

How you can help 

Prabjot, an outstanding and ambitious 21-year-old from rural Punjab, is fighting for her life after losing consciousness. Her father, Bhinderjith, is a daily wage worker and can’t afford to pay for the procedures that need to be performed. Now, he needs your help to save his daughter.

Your contribution will save Prabjot’s life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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