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They Don’t Even Have A Home To Go Back To, These Parents Beg For Help To Save Their Baby

“We don’t even have a house to go back to. I sold it to bring my son here to get him treated. It’s the only thing I could do. I had to choose between losing our house or losing our son…and I didn’t think twice. It’s been 11 days since he’s been in the ICU, and he’s still not out of danger. Nitin…he’ll turn 1 in a month. But he won’t make it till then if I can’t afford his treatment.” – Harvendra, father

Nothing is above their child’s life for Harvendra and Yashoda. They have sacrificed a lot to bring to him here, to get him treated till now. But little Nitin continues to suffer. He needs to stay in the ICU for a least a week to fight severe pneumonia.

Their family is separated, their home is gone, their son struggles to survive

Two months ago, their home was filled with laughter. Their older daughter, Manu (6), would insist on playing with Nitin all the time. Nitin had even started babbling. Today, their family is separated, their house is gone and their Nitin struggles to survive.

“A fever and cough. That’s all it was. I took him to a nearby hospital and for a month they said everything is okay with him. But then he got sicker, he couldn’t breathe at all. They asked us to rush him to Jaipur.”

Their older daughter is in their village staying with a neighbour. She calls her father every day, crying. She asks them when they will be back when she can see her brother again. And Harvendra has nothing to say to her.

We will lose him if we can’t continue his treatment

Harvendra and Yashoda had a small house in their village near Bharatpur. When they found out that Nitin’s condition is serious, they sold it for less than a lakh. Now, they don’t even have any belongings. All they have is their children.

I work in a petrol pump for Rs. 5,000 a month. I’m a poor man, I never had much to call my own. Now I actually have nothing. My family is all I have. I have spent over 2 lakhs on his treatment so far… I’ve borrowed from all my neighbours. Nitin has come so far, I can’t stop his treatment now. He won’t make it if I do.”

This is the last leg of Nitin’s treatment. He needs your help to make it through this week and have a chance of a healthy childhood. The whole family can celebrate his first birthday together.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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