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10-month-old Masrur Cries All Day In Pain From A Defect That Could Stop His Heartbeat

How can I express what parents of sick children feel like. We feel helpless, because we don’t have money. If only diseases looked at our financial condition before choosing.”

Masrur Ahamed is a 10-month-old baby boy whose life till now has only been full of medicines and trips to the hospital. He was born with a serious heart disease and a faulty valve which will steal his chance at a different life in this world. Masrur's father, Dulvar Hossain, is a daily-wage laborer has lost his sleep and worries about saving his little one's life.

Baby Masrur has been sick for 5 months

When Masrur was 5 months old, he started crying all day of pain. He then got a high fever and started having difficulty in breathing. Not knowing what to do, Dulvar and his wife Fazilla took him to a doctor in their native town. There the doctor diagnosed him with Congenital Heart Disease - which is a birth defect with the structure of the heart. He also has malfunctioning valves that only a surgery can take care of.
Masrur with his mother at home

"They told us to take him to Manipal Hospital. Masrur needs surgery. We cannot afford it now so the doctor has given medicines to treat his symptoms. He still has a high fever, and breathing is one of the most painfully difficult things for him. His growth and weight are also getting affected badly. Masrur is in a fragile condition and if I do not come up with the funds, I will lose him."

 Dulvar’s financial condition is making the situation worse

Dulvar lives in a rented establishment with Masrur, his wife, Fazilla and his father. Dulvar’s job is far from sufficient in order to meet the heavy expenses of the treatment. Moreover, now that he’s in Bengaluru to take care of his son, he’s lost whatever small income he used to make. This has put his family of 5 more dependents, including his parents, under a severe financial crunch.

"My daughter misses us. We had to leave her back at home. We feel helpless and torn between our children. Here in Bengaluru, my wife and I take turns in looking after Masrur, while my father helps them with whatever chores we need."

How You Can Help 

Masrur's condition is getting worse. If the surgery is delayed, his heart will stop beating. It is estimated to cost Rs. 3.65 Lakhs. Dulvar has already spent a lot of money on Masrur’s treatment, by borrowing money from his friends and relatives. But owing to their bleak financial conditions, they won’t be able to help him out anymore. Dulvar is desperately trying to put funds together so that the disease and his poverty don’t claim his young son’s life.

Your contribution will keep Masrur's heart beating for a long life.

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