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Father Battling Cancer Is Struggling To Save His 4-Year-Old Son From Dying Of Liver Disease

“Mentally, he is stronger than we can ever be, but how long can his 4-year-old body fight a disease like this? He is bleeding all the time! He is already bedridden with a fracture. If I cannot save him now, I may lose him forever.

Manish just celebrated his 5th birthday. He was not jumping on his bed screaming “It’s my birthday! I’m a big boy now!” like other children. He did not have a party or even a cake. Instead, he is on a bed, with a fracture, and worse, a liver disease that is killing him. Manish’s father, a 25-year-old man fighting cancer, irons clothes for a living, and struggles to fund a liver transplant to save his son.

He was diagnosed with liver disease when he was 3 months old

It started when Manish was just 3 months old. He kept having blood clots all over his body. His father, Raju, would rush him to the hospital several times to find out why his son bruised so easily. After multiple visits, the doctor suggested a blood test. His hemoglobin levels were extremely low, and he was on medicines ever since.

“If he got hurt, he would keep bleeding continuously. The real fear set in when he turned yellow. Even if we are uneducated, we understand jaundice. When I went back to the hospital, they did a biopsy. My son was born with a liver disease. They said he needed medicines, and he might get better over time.”

They said he would get better, but he only got worse

Unfortunately, Manish’s condition deteriorated. In fact, over the years, his jaundice got worse. His stomach bloated. He was going to school. As the illness took over his body, Raju pulled him out of school, terrified of letting his son out of his sight. The doctor in Warangal referred the family to Rainbow where Manish was diagnosed with liver failure. The only cure is a liver transplant.

He began bleeding from his lips, mouth and nose. It would not stop for hours. The bloated stomach must be hurting him. Every week it just gets bigger. We do not know what to do, how to stop it. His bones have gotten weaker. Last month, he just fell and fractured his leg. Now he is on bed rest. This disease is slowing taking his life. I am going to do everything I can to fight for him.”

Now, this father is fighting cancer, while the son is fighting liver disease

For over a year now, Raju has been trying to save up for Manish’s liver transplant. Unfortunately, at the same time, Raju was diagnosed with cancer (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). He was focused on staying alive to save his son, and his treatment was covered under the Arogyasree scheme. While Raju is suffering from the effects of chemo, he is determined to work harder and save every rupee for Manish’s treatment.

“We have not been able to get any financial help for Manish. My wife washes clothes, I iron them. Together we make Rs. 6000. We have 3 children – 2 girls and a boy. I even care for my elderly mother. We had to borrow from relatives, and pay Rs. 2 Lakhs towards a bill of Rs.5 lakhs for his medicines and diagnosis. This surgery is going to cost Rs.16 Lakhs, and I need a miracle now.”

How can you help?

Manish is in a lot of pain, but he has not once complained or cried. He smiles all the time and does not even cringe when the doctors stick in the needles. In fact, he reminds his father every time it is time to take medicines. He says they must get well together. This child is strong on the inside, which means his chances of survival is greater than most people.

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