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Deadly Disease That Caused Liver Failure Will Completely Damage 8-Year-Old's Vital Organs Without Help

If there’s anything little Kiran loved more than going to school, it’s the stories his mother, Madhulatha, would tell him every night before bed. After listening to stories of kings and warriors, Kiran would often say “Amma I’m also strong and brave like them. See my muscles?” However, in the last two months, Kiran has lost all his strength and energy. He can barely manage to whisper a few words, and his father, Paparao, has to carry him everywhere. He lives with the excruciating pain of his swollen stomach every day. With each passing minute, Kiran’s condition is getting more critical. Liver disease will kill this 8-year-old without an urgent liver transplant.

In just two months, my son’s life completely changed. His disease has taken away everything from him. He was such a happy and playful child, and now he can’t even cry out in pain on some days. His stomach is so painfully swollen, that I can’t even touch him to comfort him. He lies in the same position for hours because even a slight movement is agonizing.” - Madhulatha, Kiran's mother

Suffering in pain due to liver failure, Kiran now risks damage to his brain and kidneys without urgent treatment

“It all began with a mere fever. Kiran came back home from school, finished his homework and just before dinner, he said he was feeling too tired to eat. Soon, his fever spiked up and we rushed him to a nearby clinic. He missed school for the next few days, but the medicines didn’t help him. One night he couldn’t even sit up because his stomach was hurting so much. We soon found out that his liver was enlarged and completely damaged.”

Kiran has Wilson’s disease, a condition that causes higher than normal amounts of copper to accumulate in the body. The disease has completely damaged his liver, due to which it doesn't release copper into bile as it should. This copper buildup leads to severe damage to the kidneys, brain and eyes. If not treated in time, the copper can accumulate to dangerous levels and severely damage his vital organs, causing death.

With only few days left for transplant, his parents fear losing him to the disease because of their poverty

“Our son hasn’t eaten properly in a month now. He can’t even swallow small bits of food. I can see his pain only increasing with each day. Every few days we take him to the hospital because swelling in his stomach is only increasing because of the copper buildup. He sleeps on his bed, clutching his stomach. He needs a liver transplant in the next few days to survive, but we can barely even afford his medicines with our income.

Paparao and Madhulatha are daily wage labourers, hardly earning Rs. 170 each. Their income was enough to feed their small family, and they somehow managed to get by. Never had they imagined that one day, their little son would be fighting death. Kiran needs 25 lakhs for a liver transplant, but the amount is above and beyond what they can afford. They've already sold the two buffalos they owned, borrowed from relatives and spent every rupee they had saved. They barely have a few hundreds left now. Paparao and Madhulatha are desperate to save their son, but their hands are tied.

How You Can Help

Every time Kiran hears the loud noises of laughter and chatter outside his house, he asks his mother when he will be able to play with this friends again. Madhulatha can't help but stay quiet. She knows that if they can’t afford to get him treated in time, they will lose him forever. Kiran is running out of time to get a liver transplant. He needs it at the earliest and the only thing standing in his way of a healthy life is their dire lack of funds. He needs your help urgently to live.

Your support will save Kiran’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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