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This 11-Year-Old Has Only A Month To Get A Life-Saving Liver Transplant

“It is painful to see both my children suffering from liver disease. The disease has destroyed my daughter Preeti’s life. We watched on helplessly as it affected her brains and now she can’t eat or speak normally. Gauranga suffers from severe stomach pains and is unable to eat anything. We tried so much to save Preeti but couldn't. I don’t want that to be the case for Gauranga, I want him to live.”  

11-year-old Gauranga’s liver is now at a stage where even the best efforts of doctors can’t help him. The need of the hour is an urgent liver transplant or else he can’t be saved. Gauranga’s father, Gautam is a school teacher in Assam and he has spent everything he had on his son’s treatment so far. The enormous cost of the liver transplant is simply beyond his reach.

The parents are desperate to save Gaurang

Gautam and his wife, Moni, live in the small village of Tamulpur with their two children, Preeti (13) and Gauranga (11). Unfortunately for them, both their children were born with a liver disease. All their lives, they have been doing all that is there in their ability to save their children.

“The doctor recently told us about Preeti’s condition and there’s hardly anything we can do to about it. But we want to do everything to help Gauranga,” says Gautam.

Even while he is on a strict diet, his health has seen no improvement

“The doctors have put Gauranga on a strict diet of boiled foods without salt and oil. But he doesn’t want to eat those. It’s heart-wrenching to see him cry when he has to eat that kind of food,” says Moni.

Even with the strict diet that he has to Gauranga has to follow, he often starts vomiting. HIs parents, then have to rush him to the Guwahati hospital. All this while, their relatives have helped them with money - they even live in a relative's house as they cannot afford a place of their own.

Gauranga’s health is worsening despite years of treatment

Gauranga’s stomach gets bloated with fluid and he ends up vomiting anything that he eats. The excess bile in his blood causes him severe itching and his body is full of small scabs.

But there is still hope for the young Gauranga. He has another month. In that time, his body is still strong enough to take and heal after a transplant. His father Gautam and his uncle Pabitro are willing to donate their own liver to save Gauranga. Gautam had used up all his savings long back for the treatment of their child. He has been depending on loans from his relatives for the treatment. It is now a matter of time – and how soon funds can be arranged for the procedure.

How you can help

Gauranga needs Rs 20 lakhs to get a liver transplant that will save his life and end his suffering. Gautam and Moni have seen their daughter Preeti slipping into phase from where they can't bring her back to normalcy. They don't want to lose Gauranga. After all that they have been through, his parents really need hope.

Your donations will help these parents save their child from a painful end.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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