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This 16-Year-Old Who Wants To Be A Doctor Might Lose Her Leg And Life To Bone Cancer Without Surgery

Instead of studying for her class 10 exams, 16-year-old Beauti Sarkar spends her days in hospital. She’s in severe pain because of bone cancer and needs an immediate surgery to save her right leg. Beauti has started chemotherapy, but her father, Haripada, is struggling to continue treatment. He has begged and borrowed to keep Beauti’s treatment going, but has no other way left to get her the surgery she needs.

Beauti in the hospital 

Beauti almost had her leg amputated 

In September 2017, Beauti suddenly had severe pain in her right leg. Haripada took her to the nearest doctor who was 50 km away from their village in West Bengal. Beauti’s tests showed that she has Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer that originated in her right shinbone. Their worries only increased when Beauti was told that her leg had to be amputated to survive. Traumatised by the thought of losing her leg, or worse yet, her life, Haripada took Beauti all the way to Bangalore in the hope of saving her.

Beauti (middle) with her mother, Bahiri (left) and father, Haripada (right)

"We went to many hospitals for her tests, thinking that there would be some cure. We were left with little hope before we came to Bangalore, but now the doctors say that her leg can be saved after the surgery. We were so relieved. Beauti is in so much pain all the time and now there’s some hope that she will beat cancer.” 

Beauti’s leg can be saved with surgery. However, Haripada is scared that their financial constraints will force him to stop his daughter’s treatment.  

Haripada is desperate to save her but has nothing left to pay for her treatment

Haripada is a farmer in their village and works on other people’s farm for a meager wage of Rs 3,000 per month. He is the sole bread earner and hasn’t been able to save any money. Haripada has exhausted all his resources for her treatment so far and is in dire need of help now.

Beauti is in the hospital battling the side effects of chemotherapy

“I’ve begged and borrowed from many people in my village and paid for the tests and treatments done at multiple hospitals until now. I don’t know how to pay them back. I don’t even know how I’m going to arrange the money for the surgery that can save her leg. I just want to save my child.” 

Beauti was to write her board exams in a few months, but she can barely walk without support these days and has become extremely weak. She doesn’t eat or speak much. She was determined to study well and become a doctor, but without treatment, she might not have the future she had hoped for. Beauti needs 7 lakhs for surgery and further treatment.

Beauti (right) needing help to stand and walk straight

How you can help

Beauti is an intelligent and ambitious girl, but instead of studying for her board exams, she’s in the hospital fighting bone cancer. Beauti wants to become a doctor and help the people in her village. However, without surgery and chemotherapy, she might not make it. Her father, Haripada, is a farmer and has no way to arrange for her treatment. He needs your help to save his daughter's life and leg.

Your contribution will help save Beauti's leg and her life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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