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5-Year-Old Bala Has Severe Intestinal Bleeding And Needs Urgent Help To Live

“At 11 in the night, he came running out, screaming that he had to go to the toilet. Before he got to there, he passed bloody-liquid on the floor and started crying. We put him to bed, only for him to wake up and vomit blood every where. At 1 in the night, we were trying to find a hospital thinking that if only we found a hospital to take him in, he would be fine. But our ordeal hadn't even started,” says Nirmala, Balaeswar's worried mother.

Bala is in the hospital now and he needs to stay there for another 10 days to recover

For a week, no one knew why this 5-year-old was bleeding this much

For the next few days, the doctors would run various invasive tests on this 5-year-old, trying to find the cause of the bleeding. He even needed blood to make up for the blood loss. Bala's parents, Mallesh and Nirmala say that the worst part was not knowing why Bala was bleeding this much.

Mallesh and Nirmala take a selfie with Bala 

Bala was sent to Rainbow Hospitals, Hyderabad and was put in intensive care because his condition was so bad. Eventually, the cause of the bleeding was found and stemmed. Now, Bala is recovering. There is still residual bleeding but with monitoring and the right help, he can recover completely.

Bala keeps crying and asking to go home because he has faced so much pain in the hospital

He has been in the ICU for the last 10 days and needs to stay there another 10 days. But Mallesh, a server in a canteen, has exhausted all his funds and is struggling to arrange for Bala's treatment. He has already borrowed Rs 7 lakhs and no one will lend him any more. 

We have no one to help us. We went to people we knew and begged them for help. They have helped us as much as they could and now we have no where to go,” says Nirmala. 

Bala cries all the time because he wants to go home

This is the first time Bala has been admitted to the hospital and he has no history of previous illness. Going through so many blood tests and getting injections has been a shock to the 5-year-old and he keeps wanting to go back home where he is safe and happy. 

“He keeps insisting we go back. He stubbornly keeps crying saying he wants all of us to leave the hospital. Even if he falls asleep, he talks in his sleep about going home. We just have to keep telling him that we will go back when he is better,” says Nirmala. 

Bala in his school uniform before he became sick

The entire family is exhausted. They have been in the hospital the last 5 days and they all want to go home. Now that the doctors have found and operated on the bleeding areas, they are fully focussed on getting Bala better and taking him home. 

How you can help

Nirmala and Mallesh have already lost 2 babies prematurely. Bala is their only child and all they want is to save him. Their resources are very limited and they are struggling to pay their medical bills. Contribute to the fundraiser and help them save their sick child. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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