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Laundry Woman Struggles To Save Her Premature Baby Whose Heart Will Stop Without Ventilator Support

“I felt a kind of stillness I had never experienced before. They told us that our baby’s heart had stopped working. ‘There’s no movement. We have to take him out, I’m sorry’ . A part of me refused to believe that he was dead. I had never held him or seen him, but I felt him for 3 months. One year later, life has brought us another tragedy and we might lose another baby.

When she reached her sixth month of pregnancy, Lakshmi and Srinivas finally felt the void of their losses being filled with little rays of hope. Unfortunately, their newfound happiness was cut short, and their baby boy was born 3 months premature with holes in his heart, struggling to breathe. Shattered, all Lakshmi and Srinivas can do now is pray with all their might that they don't lose another baby, 

Their baby can live and grow only with strict medical care 

"My pain started in the afternoon. We rushed to the hospital closest to the village and they did an operation (c-section). But when he was born, they said we had to take him to Hyderabad. We came here in an ambulance hoping that he would be saved. Instead, they told us that he had jaundice, holes in his heart, and breathing trouble. He has been in the NICU ever since."

Baby's condition is improving and he is slowly gaining weight

Lakshmi aches to carry her baby boy, an experience she and her husband have never shared. Three miscarriages had left them hopeless of ever starting a family, but now, they see a sliver of hope. Slowly and steadily, the baby's condition is improving. The holes in his heart are slowly closing and his jaundice is better too. He has gained 9gms body weight and started feeding. He opens his eyes and looks and his parents. He grasps their finger tightly when they touch him. He even cries – and the sound is both happy and painful for his anxious parents.

Lakshmi and Srinivas wash clothes for a living and don’t have anything left to continue his treatment

Lakshmi and Srinivas moved to Bommakal, Karimnagar and started a small laundry shop to earn a living. They wash and iron clothes and earn up to Rs 300 a day. They have been saving for years to have a baby. But it was simply not enough. They kept their baby alive till now, only by borrowing heavily.

Last week, they took him off the ventilator and immediately, he couldn't breathe, and his heart was stopping. The doctor tells us he will get better in one month. But we’ve already borrowed 7 lakhs. Till then we somehow need to keep him there. Without oxygen support, his heart will stop and we’ll lose him forever.”

How You Can Help

Lakshmi and Srinivas can save their baby boy only if they can keep him in the NICU for 8 more weeks. Till now, they have put in everything they had into his treatment. All their pleas for help have kept him alive till now, but it’s not enough. Their baby needs further medical care to get stronger. All the parents want to do is take him home in their arms. Only you can help him survive.

Your contribution will save their 1-month-old baby's life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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