5-year-old Ayaan can play like a normal child only 15 days a month – his blood disorder makes him too weak on other days | Milaap
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5-year-old Ayaan can play like a normal child only 15 days a month – his blood disorder makes him too weak on other days

After 15 days, Ayaan's decline starts. He needs a blood transfusion in a week to be revived. He becomes weak and unable to move. His parents have to force him to go to the hospital because he is afraid of needles. A bone-marrow transplant is the only thing that will cure Ayaan's blood disorder and make him better.

Ayaan getting a blood transfusion at the hospital

After the first 15 days Ayaan's parents know that time is running out

Ayaan loves staying at home and playing with his little brother Arfath. They play cricket with newspapers and a ball. Every morning, he tries to convince his parents that he would be better off not going to school. Once a month, he needs to be taken to the hospital for a blood transfusion.

“In 15 days it starts. His face and body look bloodless and yellow. Slowly he loses all energy to do anything. He lies down and can't do anything. He doesn't have the energy to even eat food. Too many blood transfusions are bad – so we have to watch this happen every time before putting new blood in him,” says Maqbool, Ayaan's father.

Ayaan (left) with his parents and brother Arfath

Ayaan has Thalessemia Major – a condition where his body produces faulty red-blood cells. His blood is unable to absorb necessary oxygen and nutrients. He needs blood from a blood bank to be able to live. Without blood, he will not be able to survive very long. But blood transfusions are painful and Ayaan is very scared of the monthly ordeal.

Ayaan at the hospital

“The minute they know we want to visit the hospital he starts hiding and crying. I have to physically pull him and take him to the hospital. Having to violently force him every month is very upsetting for me and my wife. But without the blood transfusion, he will not survive. It is not a choice,” explains Maqbool.

Maqbool just wants to stop seeing his child suffer

Maqbool had many dreams for his children even before they were born. He had to quit studies and start working at a young age. For his children and for himself – he wanted a good childhood for his kids. But Ayaan's condition and his resulting crying and unhappiness makes him feel like a bad parent.

Ayaan and Arfath sitting outside their house

Forcing Ayaan to the hospital is not even the worst part – it is the feeling of being unable to help his sick son. While the blood needed for the transfusion is given at subsidised rates for Thalessemia patients, the other expenses like regular tests and medicines are substantial.

Ayaan's little brother Arfath was diagnosed with the same illness last year. Maqbool is a daily-wage farmer who has to spend a big chunk of his monthly earnings on his sons' medical needs. Maqbool and his wife are heartbroken at seeing both their children suffer so much at this young age. They are even more afraid of not being able to save them if complications arise.

Ayaan's little brother Arfath also has the same condition and needs blood every month

Ever since the doctors have told him that a bone-marrow transplant can make his children better, Maqbool wants to get that for his children. Even though they cannot afford a bone-marrow transplant, it is the hope that keeps them going.

How you can help

Ayaan needs blood transfusions every month. The regular blood transfusions have already affected his liver and continued transfusions will further damage his body. A bone-marrow transplant is his only way out. Contribute and help Ayaan stop suffering and have a healthier, happier childhood.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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