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10-Year-Old Avdhoot Who Dreamt Of Joining The Army Is Now Fighting Cancer And Suffering In Pain

"I want to join the army when I grow up". 10-year-old Avdhoot said to his parents. But he is now in the cancer ward fighting a disease trying to kill his dreams. He is not aware he is a blood cancer patient. He doesn't know why he is in constant pain and why he cannot go to school or home. His parents are silently suffering, trying to save each rupee they get. It breaks their heart that they might lose him just because they can't afford two more cycles of chemotherapy. 

Avdhoot needs to get treated immediately

“Avdhoot keeps asking me what has happened to him. He insists on going to school to study and play all the sports that he loves. He’s afraid of failing his classes and losing all his friends.” – Archana, Avdhoot’s mother.
Avdhoot has been completely prohibited from doing just about anything. He is diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a type of blood cancer that starts in the bone marrow and can progress quickly if not treated and would probably be fatal in a few months.

His parents did all they could to help Avdhoot complete 3 cycles of chemotherapy. He has lost a lot of weight and doesn’t talk to anyone, unlike before. He needs to start his 4th cycle within the next week but his parents have no money left to provide for his treatment.

“He was a very active child. He’s good in sports and studies but now he’s extremely frustrated. His body is terribly weak and he doesn’t even feel like eating anymore. He’s always feverish due to his low blood count. I don’t get sleep at night at the thought of him being so weak all his life.” – Archana

Avdhoot’s noble dreams are shattered

Apart from going to school to study and meet his friends, Avdhoot was really excited to join Army School later in 2018 and serve the nation when he grows up. When he was told to not do anything for the next 8 months and after experiencing severe pain, his dreams came crashing down.

"Avdhoot was fit for his age. He told me that he is determined to serve our nation by joining the Army. We tell him that he’s weak and feverish because of Typhoid. We don’t want him to know how critical he is because that would crush him.” – Archana

Avdhoot’s parents have no way of providing for his treatment

Avdhoot’s father, Deepak, works at a small retail store and earns around Rs. 8,500 per month. Until now, they have begged and borrowed and applied for financial aid from the government. Their relatives are poor too and are of little help only. Their immense struggle was enough to put Avdhoot through 3 cycles of chemotherapy and provide for his medications. Now, they have absolutely nothing left to give.

Avdhoot needs to undergo a minimum of 5 cycles of intense chemotherapy. To add to his misery, he needs multiple bags of blood and platelets every single day which costs around Rs. 20,000, almost twice the amount of Deepak’s monthly salary!

After some cycles, Avdhoot suffers from extremely high fever, for which he had to readmitted to the hospital. This has severely affected Deepak’s already depleted funds.

The total cost of the hospital stay, drugs, and 2 much-needed additional cycles of chemotherapy is estimated to be around Rs. 7 lakhs. Deepak and Archana can’t afford to pay this even if the two of them worked for years. They are nowhere close to what is needed to save him

They need your help so that Avdhoot can get the treatment he deserves. Poverty, simply, cannot be the cause of his death.

How you can help

Avdhoot is a 10-year-old boy with extremely noble dreams. He doesn’t know he has cancer and his life has turned upside down in the past few months. His parents have done everything they could to get him through 3 cycles of chemotherapy. Now, they have absolutely no resources to help him.

Your contribution will be used to fund the additional treatments Avdhoot needs which will save his life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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