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Ashwanth's Hands And Feet Are Fused Because Of A Rare Genetic Disorder

Ashwath’s family is worried about their son. Ashwanth has a genetic disorder where his hands and feet are fused together.

39 year old Sammaiah is married to Rama Devi. The couple has three children- two girls and a boy. Ashwanth is the eldest, and was born in 2009. His sisters Harshini and Harshita are 6 years old. Sammaiah is a lorry driver and the sole earner in the family.

“He was our first born child- a son. We were overjoyed. No parent thinks that something like this can happen  to their child.” – Sammaiah.

Ashwanth was perfectly healthy until he was two years old

He was a normal healthy child, playing around the house. Sammaiah and Rama did not notice anything wrong until he was three years old. Then they noticed that his fingers were getting stuck together. Worried, the parents rushed him to the local hospital in Karimnagar. The doctor said that Aswanth suffers from a genetic disorder.

Ashwanth suffers from Apert Ayndrome

Apert syndrome caused the hands and feet to become fused together. The disease also affects the cranial bones. The diagnosis shattered Sammaiah and Rama Devi’s lives. The parents felt helpless to save their son. All they knew at that point was that it was a genetic disease.

Ashwanth cannot even eat with his own hands. His mother carries him around, and feeds him. His movements are severely restricted.

Ashwanth’s parents then took him to hospitals around the state

After suggestions, they took him to NIMS Hyderabad. Doctors here suggested that after performing multiple operations, Ashwanth’s condition could be improved.  The first operation was performed on Ashwanth’s skull. This is only the first step however, further operations need to be performed, including plastic surgery.

How can you help?

Ashwanth’s total surgery cost is estimated to cost over Rs 10 lakhs Sammaiah is a lorry driver who earns Rs 8000 a month. Ashwanth’s younger sisters go to school as well. The family has sold everything to meet Ashwanth’s medical expenses. They cannot afford anything more.

Medical documents

Ashwanth has already suffered a lot in his young life. Your contribution can ensure that this young boy grows up to lead a healthy life. Help Ashwanth!