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He Had To Drop Out Of College Because Of His Dangerous Disease, He Needs An Urgent Transplant

Asif has been waiting for two long years. In these two years he has lost a lot – his friends, an education, the life he once knew. Most of all Asif is now slowly losing his will to live. He has been waiting for two years for a bone marrow transplant that can save his life from a dangerous disease. And in all this time, his parents haven’t even come close to affording his treatment. Asif’s condition has deteriorated considerably. This is his last chance.

“We’ve watched him get weaker before our eyes. Now he can’t even eat. We just got him back from the hospital, eating even half a roti is difficult for him. Is this how we will lose him?” – Zafar, father

He has suffered for years because of his disease – in school, at home

10 years ago, Asif fell terribly sick for the first time. Zafar and Firoz Begum did not know that it was just the beginning of his fight. After that, Asif’s life was never the same. He was diagnosed with sickle celled anemia which caused the red blood cells to die early, leaving the body with no healthy cells. He needed blood transfusions every month, medicines every day.

“Nothing was the same after that. The doctor near our village said there was no cure. So he continued getting blood, he was so weak and sick all the time… he really tried to keep up in school, but he couldn’t. He failed class 11 twice. Then, it was almost like he didn’t have the strength anymore.”

Asif has tried to stay brave and strong through this – all for this parents. He had almost completely lost hope until two years ago, when a doctor in Jaipur told him he can survive. A bone marrow transplant can cure him of this disease.

Any further delay and it will be too late

They have found hope, but if he doesn’t get the transplant soon, it will be too late. They have already delayed the treatment because of their poverty. They can’t delay it any further.

‘I’m just a labourer… I work in construction sites. I get Rs. 300 sometimes for a day’s work. That’s hardly anything…I can’t afford his medicines anymore. I’ve spent 4-5 lakhs on his treatment these past 2 years. I begged from neighbours, from everyone in the village. I have no other way…Asif says if he was stronger he would’ve worked and saved money for his treatment. But he can’t even get up now.”

Zafar has knocked on many doors asking for him. His income is not enough to afford the transplant that costs 30 lakhs. But it’s the only thing that can cure his son, how can he give up now? You are Zafar and Firoz’s only hope. You are Asif’s only hope.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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