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After 9 chemo cycles, 13-year-old Ashwini needs help to live

Ashwini is a 13-year-old who has bravely been fighting blood cancer the last three years. She has taken 9 cycles of chemotherapy. A bone-marrow transplant is the only chance this fighter can get to live. Her parents are flower sellers in a small village in Karnataka. They need help for Ashwini's treatment and saving her life.

Ashwini with her parents Prema and Mahadeva

Despite poverty, not getting treatment is not an option

Prema and her husband Mahadeva had to make many tough choices since their second daughter developed cancer. With a monthly income of 6,000-9,000 per month, over the last 3 years, they spent months away from home for their daughter's chemotherapy in Bangalore.

In these three years, Ashwini's cancer has relapsed twice and with each relapse her parents feel overwhelming helplessness. 

“When I first heard Ashwini had cancer, I constantly worried that she would die. Seeing her fight, I know I need to be brave. In all this time, she never acted like she is sick, even though I can see it physically affect her,” says Prema.  
Despite their income, they managed to spend about 3 lakhs and get Ashwini chemotherapy treatment at KIDWAI, Bangalore. Unfortunately, she had a relapse twice over the last three years. For the family, these relapses have been very difficult to cope with. The only option left to them was a bone-marrow transplant.  

Ashwini before the cancer 

Mahadeva gave up. They just didn't have any money left. They had two other children too. A heartbroken Prema was convinced by a fellow-patient to go to Narayana Hrudayalaya. “I heard that Narayana Hrudayalaya takes up cases like ours. When we went back, I worked on convincing my husband. We can't give up on our daughter,” she says. 

At the hospital, they heard of crowdfunding and this is the parents' last hope to save their daughter. They need Rs 30 lakhs to get her the bone-marrow transplant that can save her life. 

No matter what, Ashwini doesn't give up

“Ashwini is special, she stands out – even next to her sister and brother. She is good at studies, sports, singing and dancing. She has many friends because she is so kind and confident. I never had to tell her how to be have with people, she knew,” says Ashwini's mother Prema.

Ashwini at the hospital

When Ashwini was first told she had cancer, she was only 10. Her parents were unprepared and took some time to believe the diagnosis. But Ashwini remained undaunted and up for whatever treatment the doctors prescribed her. 

“Ashwini went out and spoke to other patients about the treatment. She listens carefully to the doctor's instructions. We are more afraid than she is. When she is so brave, can we give up?” wonders Prema.   

Over the three years, Ashwini's treatment has been interrupted several times because Prema and Mahadeva needed to go back home and arrange for more money to bring to Bangalore. Ashwini was the one who stayed brave and level-headed throughout the whole ordeal. 

“The only time Ashwini was sad was when we couldn't afford the bone-marrow treatmentfor her. It was the only time she even considered that she might not make it. She is hopeful again now that her treatment has not stopped,” Prema said. 

Let Ashwini's hope for life not be in vain. Contribute now and help her family save her life.

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser.

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