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Even When Everyone Gave Up On Him, His Father Continues To Fight To Keep Him Alive

Ali is very different when he is not in the hospital. He smiles, laughs and even plays sometimes when he has the energy. Unfortunately, for this 4-year-old, he has spent almost all his life in the hospital. The moment he steps foot inside, he becomes awfully quiet. Place him on the bed, and he begins to cry. Leave him with the doctors, and his screams can be heard in the corridors. Ali is terrified, and he has been ever since he was just 6-months-old.

Ali has a dangerous disease called Thalassemia in which one’s blood is unable to transport oxygen adequately around the body. Mabood has been taking little Ali to get blood transfusions every other week, but over 3 years later, this treatment can no longer save him. Ali needs a bone marrow transplant and Mabood has nothing to save him.

Let him die, they said

“I’ve had to borrow money for even his transfusions. I tried to sell my share of the land, but my family didn’t let me. They think I’m wasting my time and money. They told me that if he’s dying, I should just him die. They won’t give me a single rupee because they don’t understand why I’ve struggling to save him for years now. I’m a parent, I will fight till the end to save me son..why don’t they get it?” - Mabood, father

I haven’t told my wife how bad his condition is

Mabood is a daily wager. He has done his best to keep his son alive for all this time, all while barely managing to take care of his family with the little he makes. He is willing to do everything he can to save his son’s life, but he sees no way to do that now.

“I feel so lost and alone. I don’t know whom to turn to. I’ve not told my wife how bad his condition is, I’m scared she will have a breakdown. She is already so stressed. I’m trying to stay strong for my family. I just don’t want to lose my son…he’s the sweetest boy you could ever meet. I pray every day for all the parents in the world who are going through something similar…I know how hard it can be.”

It all started as a fever for Ali. He was only a 6-month-old baby then. He has been in and out of the hospital – injections and medicines a daily routine. However, with blood transfusions, the longer one keeps getting them, the more damaged the liver and kidneys. Which is why a bone marrow transplant is the only thing that can save his life right now. He needs it urgently.
 You can save 4-year-old Ali’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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