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This 3-year-old is too sick to even speak – his father is struggling to save him from an infection

3-year-old Akhil had an infection in his liver. It was caught too late and now his condition is very serious. For a whole month, he has been fighting for his life and this has taken a toll on his parents. They are financially and emotionally exhausted. Akhil needs to be in the hospital for another week before he gets better. His parents need help saving Akhil.

Akhil's parents have brought him to Hyderabad in the hopes of finally getting him better

A harmless fever that was a sign of something much worse

Akhil just came down with a fever last month. His condition started getting worse and his stomach slowly started swelling up. Fearing the worst – his worried parents rushed him to the hospital in the nearest town – Vijaywada. He was in the hospital for 10 days and Akhil did not get better, the parents came to Hyderabad hoping it was not too late for Akhil.

In Hyderabad, a biopsy was done on Akhil's liver and the infection was finally diagnosed. He was immediately started on strong antibiotics. But the infection had advanced rapidly and Akhil had to be put in the ICU. He has been in the ICU for the last 4 days. His parents are still trying to understand what happened.  

Akhil with his grandmother at home

“He used to be fine – he was healthy. He used to be out the whole day, playing. But for the last month he's been so weak, he hasn't said a word. To see him like this is very painful for us. We were very upset at first. It is only now that we realise how happy our life was before Akhil became sick,” Rama says. 

Akhil's stomach is swollen because of the sepsis in his liver

Akhil and his parents are now in Hyderabad, far from home. Each day brings a mixed feeling to his parents – they are thankful that they managed one more day's treatment, but they also worry how much longer they can keep this up. After almost a month of hospitalisation in Vijaywada and Hyderabad, Akhil's parents are getting more and more desperate.

Akhil used to play outside his house the whole day till he became sick

Saving Akhil's life is getting impossible for his parents

Rama works as an accountant in a small company in his village Pedamuttevi, Andhra Pradesh. His monthly income is only Rs 8,000. In the last month alone, he has needed to spent over Rs 8 lakhs. Of this, his savings are only Rs 2 lakhs collected from selling off their farmland. The rest of the amount is all borrowed from who ever will lend him money.

Akhil with an uncle before he got sick

“I have borrowed a lot of money from friends and family to save my little boy. The is the only thing that keeps us going is that till now, we have somehow managed to continue treatment. Stopping the treatment will break us and our faith in God,” Rama says. 

Akhil needs to stay in the ICU for another 10 days. His parents are already deep in debt and have no other ways to raise the money needed for Akhil's treatment. They are hoping for some help that will help them save their baby's life.

Akhil is in a lot of pain and he needs treatment for just a few more days to get better 

How you can help

Akhil's illness has shattered Rama and his wife. Their happy, active 3-year-old child has been fighting death for the last one month. They live in constant dread of not being able to pay for his treatment and being the reason why Akhil loses his life.

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