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Every Minute Without Surgery Is Only Pushing 22-Year-Old Sathya Closer To Complete Heart Failure

Sathya has been living with a serious heart condition since she was just 8-years-old. She has lived a life devoid of the happiness of childhood and the delights of growing up. In all her 22-years, Sathya’s life has only been about hospitals. Her heart condition has deteriorated considerably over the past few months. No medication can save her now. Sathya risks heart failure every day without surgery. Her only option is a life-saving heart surgery.

Sathya with her mother at the hospital

Since the age of 8, Sathya has been living on medicines

Sathya was only 8 years old when the hole in her heart was detected. To her mother Malliga’s relief she was told that with medication, it would heal itself. Unfortunately for Sathya, years of medication and injections didn’t make it better. Her heart can’t pump blood effectively anymore, and now Sathya needs a heart valve replacement surgery to survive.

“She has been going to the hospital every month for many years now. She couldn’t do many physical activities because her condition made it difficult for her to do anything. Her entire childhood has been spent going to the hospital, taking medicines and getting injections. I had never expected this life for my daughter.”

Sathya struggled to even carry her school bag due to heart disease

Sathya has rheumatic heart disease, because of which her heart valves are damaged. It causes blood to move in the wrong direction since the valves can’t open and close properly. This has made Sathya extremely weak.

“No one day has been the same for Sathya. She could be feeling active and cheerful on one day, and the next she would be very sick. Her illness has become very unpredictable, and it's these fluctuations that have made it life-threatening now.”

Sathya was forced to quit school after class 10 because of the physical strain it caused her. She couldn't even carry her own school bag. Since then, she has been at home instead of learning and working towards a future. Sathya is now 22-years-old, waiting for the day she will be healthy again. She longs to learn as much as she can and hopefully have a normal life one day. However, Sathya doesn’t have long to live without heart surgery.

Her mother works as a domestic help and is struggling to save her 

Sathya comes from a family of humble means. Her brothers have recently started working on completing their education, and Malliga occasionally works as a domestic help. 

“I try and work whenever I can to help pay for her treatment, but I don’t earn much as a domestic help. We’ve have spent a lot of money over the years on all her treatment. 3 lakhs is out of our reach. Sathya has come so far and has a chance to live with surgery, but I’m scared she might not make it if we delay treatment.”

Sathya needs your help to get immediate surgery and start living the life she always dreamt of.

How You Can Help

Sathya needs an urgent heart surgery to live, but she can only have it if her family can find the means to pay for it. She is racing against time and needs all the help she can get to have surgery and live free from the fear of losing her life to heart disease.

Your support can save Sathya’s life.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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