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11-year-old Sathwik Is Now Terrified That The Pain Will Take Him Away From His Parents Forever

For any 11-year-old, these years of childhood are precious, filled with milestones that remind them of joyous moments. Sathwik tries to be like any other normal child his age, even though the past 2 years have been especially traumatic. A bad fall gave him 2 fractures and 1 head injury that needed 6 stitches. Sathwik is not new to pain nor was this fall supposed to break his bones. In fact, he has been battling for his life against a terrible liver disease from when he was barely a year old. This disease is causing his bones to break, and his body to bleed. Sathwik is afraid to die like this and prays to survive.

Born with a death sentence

Right when they had to plan his future, Sridhar and Radhika found out that their son may lose his life before it even begins. He was just 11 months old at the time. They rushed from hospital to hospital hoping at least one doctor would give them hope. Unfortunately, none of the solutions worked.

“Sathwik has lived all his life as a sick child. He was born with Biliary atresia. When the first surgery did not work, his condition deteriorated to Chronic Liver Disease. It made him weak – his bones are brittle and the excess bile from his liver makes him itch until he bleeds. The bleeding does not stop as his blood is deficient in clotting factors.”

Sathwik is like a different person at school - studious and affable

He still goes to school

None of this has stopped Sathwik from trying to have a normal life. His energy is inspiring. He loves to study, and is popular among his friends. With every day, his condition gets worse. The pain is claiming him, but he is still fighting. Now, the disease seems to be defeating his will. Sridhar is afraid he will not be able to save him.

“In the last 2 years, I work until 10 pm and every day when I come back home – I have to beg and plead with my son to eat his bland, oil-less food. We have to keep him from everything a child his age would love.”
"I am not able to take this pain anymore."

Sathwik is in the hospital now because his liver is completely damaged

Every time Sathwik falls or eats something that is not good for him, he lands up in the hospital. Although he tries his best to stick to the diet and medical instructions, he is still an 11-year-old with desires. The tantrums are getting louder as his fear is getting stronger. Even if he is on medication and a different lifestyle, Sathwik’s liver is beyond repair.
“We have to remind ourselves that this is not a normal child throwing a tantrum. This is a very sick child who wants something that makes him feel better. His free spirit lives in a weak and sick body. It is we, his parents who need to comfort him.”

He itches till he bleeds, we have to stop it!

Sathwik has a 12-year-old brother who was sent to a government boarding school. This allows his parents to focus on his medical care. He is hospitalized at least once in three months, especially in the last few months. His stomach fills up with fluids and the itching becomes too much to bear. His skin is full of scabs and he can't digest his food.
“I work as a tailor in a tailoring shop near Warangal. My wife also comes to work in the workshop to do finishing for the clothes. We have spent lakhs on his treatment so far, sold our ancestral land, and now barely have enough for daily meals. The doctors say we need Rs 25 lakhs for a transplant. Only this can save his life, but we do not have this kind of money.”

Sathwik with his family

How you can help

“The doctors tell us that even though he has liver cirrhosis, he can be saved. My wife is a good match and even though I still don't know how I will care for them after a transplant – it is my only hope of saving my son.”
Sathwik sleeps every night afraid that it will be the last time he ever gets to see his parents.
Your contribution can defeat this young boy’s fear of death and gift him a new life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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