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Help This Father Save His 7-Year-Old Son

Sanjay Singh, Sanpreet's father, is currently employed as a Production Supervisor with Winsid Coating, a private paint manufacturing company in Bengaluru. He was earlier employed with Indocem Paints, a company in GIDC, Kalol, near Ahmedabad. Sanjay moved to Bengaluru away from his family only in this June in search of better career opportunities and higher pay.

When Routine Fever Was Ignored

When Sanjay visited his home this Diwali, Sanpreet was found to be suffering from fever. When the fever kept increasing for 3 days, Pritima and Sanjay became very concerned. They were referred to HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad by a local doctor. To their horror, the blood tests taken revealed Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The count of platelets and WBCs were very low.
The first 18 days of the chemotherapy schedule was carried out in HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad. Because of financial constraints, Sanjay shifted the treatment to BGC Hospitals, Bengaluru.

Piling Medical Bills Are Costing Sanpreet His Treament

Sanjay was entitled to ESI till he was working for the company in Kalol. Sanpreet had to undergo an angiography last year and Sanjay had to spend Rs. 1.5 lakhs for his treatment then. ESI covered another Rs. 1.5 lakhs then.
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How can you help?

The treatment between Diwali and now has already cost the family Rs. 1 lakhs. The Rs. 2.5 lakh savings was all that Sanjay had and he is now left with no funds whatsoever to carry out further treatment. The treatment involving 6 months of chemotherapy at BGS Hospitals and another year of oral maintenance chemotherapy will cost roughly Rs. 10 lakhs. Help Sanjay save his young son from this deadly disease.

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