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Married At A Young Age And Abandoned Shortly, 22-Year-Old Sanju Is Struggling To Survive Heart Disease

"At times, I feel lonely. My parents are there by my side but there is only so much they can do for me. They are poor and don't have any resources to look after their daughter's sickness. I don't blame them. They are doing there best, but situations like this can be overwhelming to them," said Sanju Kumari. 

22-year-old Sanju Kumari hasn't known an easy life. She lives with her parents and her 2-year-old son in Delhi. Married off 18, she was sent back home by her husband and in-laws because of heart disease. Since that day, Sanju has been struggling to save herself while making a life for her baby.

Open Heart Surgery Is Her Only Option

Sanju has a heart problem and her heart requires urgent mending. She has abnormal heartbeat that will eventually become life-threatening. To wrong the right, she requires an open heart surgery at the earliest.

"If I exert myself even a little bit, I feel like I am suffocating. I hold my son in arms and move around, and suddenly I feel like I will fall. I am weak and most days can hardly get out of bed. I hope to get this surgery so I can focus on my life again. How long can I go like this -- suffering and without any means to survive? I have to believe that there is a better life for me," said Sanju.

Her Husband Left Her Because of Her Disease

Sanju stays in Delhi with her elderly parents. Her father is the sole earning member of the family and barely makes Rs 5,000 a month. That too only if he manages to get a job. Sanju vividly recalls days when there was nothing to eat because her father, despite his best efforts, couldn't find any work. Her mother is a housewife and has age-related health concerns of her own.

Owing to the poverty, Sanju wasn't able to get an education. Her parents married her off as soon as it was legal, hoping that her life might get better. But clearly that is not what happened. Sanju was pregnant with her first child, when she got news of her heart condition. She had hoped for some support. Instead, they asked her to go back to her parents.

Sanju is not angry but tries to understand what happened. "They might have thought that keeping me around will cause more expenses. What good is a sick person in the house?" Sanju said sadly.

How Can You Help? 

Sanju is only 22-year-old and has her life after heart disease of her. She needs an open heart surgery, the cost of which is close to Rs 3 lakhs. Sanju and her family have no make that happen. Without the surgery, Sanju's life at a risk. She has a baby dependent on her. Her parents are old and are worried about their daughters and grandchild. Funds raised through this fundraiser will go towards her treatment. 

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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