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Even Before He Could Take His First Steps, This 1-Year-Old Is Battling Death As Both His Kidneys Have Failed

Just 10 days after his first birthday, Baby Sakthi was in the hospital struggling to breathe. In a matter of days, both his kidneys started failing, and he was fighting for his life. Anitha and Rameshraja couldn’t believe that life had taken such a tragic turn for their little one. Sakthi has acute kidney failure and can’t go on any longer without treatment. He needs dialysis for the next 6 months to survive, but Anitha and Rameshraja have no one to turn to for help.

Just a few days after his first birthday, his condition rapidly deteriorated

“He just turned one last month. It seems like just yesterday we were all happy, living a normal life. Sakthi can’t even talk or walk on his own yet. We were looking forward to watching him reach all those milestones. Now I’m scared that he won’t even make it to his next birthday. His condition is so serious and he’s only a baby. How can his little body take so much pain?”

Sakthi with his parents and older sister before his illness

Sakthi was rushed to the hospital when he suddenly started gasping for breath. Anitha remembers trembling in fear as she carried her struggling baby in her arms. It all happened so suddenly. Before she knew it, the doctors were telling her that her baby had extremely low haemoglobin and both his kidneys were failing. Baby Sakthi was immediately started on treatment. Now, only dialysis keeps him alive.

 Sakthi is always in pain and is too young to even understand why

“He’s been in the hospital for 15 days now. They’ve put a tube in his neck so the impurities in his blood are removed and he can get better. It’s so difficult to watch my little baby with all these tubes and wires on him. It feels like the disease is taking over his body now. My once active and smiling baby is gone. Now he takes so many medicines and cries in pain and discomfort every day. He has a tube attached to him all the time, and all he wants to do is remove it because it hurts him. Every time he cries and tries to pull it out, we have to distract him, but no matter what I do, I can’t take the pain away from him. He hasn’t even taken his first steps yet and without treatment, he might not have a future.”

Both his kidneys have failed, and his father is struggling to save him on a taxi driver’s income

Baby Sakthi needs to start dialysis immediately. His condition is so critical that he’ll need dialysis every day for now. Anitha and Rameshraja are desperate to save their son, but they’ve already spent nearly Rs 2 lakhs on his treatment so far and can’t go on any longer without help.

We’ve spent a lot on just his medicines. The ward and dialysis charges will only be more. He needs dialysis for 6 more months, I don’t know how we can afford it when we worry about buying medicines for even the next day. My husband is only a taxi driver and doesn’t earn much. We can’t keep up with his medical bills, but he’s our baby. We have to save him no matter what. The doctors say that he will need a kidney transplant eventually, but he needs dialysis before that to make it.”

How You Can Help

Sakthi needs to start dialysis urgently. Anitha and Rameshraja can’t afford the 3 lakhs needed for his treatment and are desperately looking for a helping hand. Baby Sakthi is only one year old and has his whole life ahead of him. Both his kidneys have failed. Without dialysis, he won't make it.

Your support will save Sakthi’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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