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Liver Failure Is Killing My Son's Heart As Well, And To Save Him We Need An Urgent Liver Transplant

“Just 10 months ago, my first child, who was 3 and a half years old, passed away because of liver failure. Now, my second baby is going through the same and it’s heartbreaking. His condition is getting worse every day but there is still hope if he gets a liver transplant.” – Prashant, Sai’s father

Sai and Prashant at the hospital

Prashant and his wife, Jyoti, lost their first child to a rare and severe disorder on July 25, 2017. Now, within a year, they fear losing their second child to the same disorder unless the 18-month-old baby gets an immediate liver transplant. His mother is matched as a suitable donor but his father, who sold everything he had, has absolutely nothing left to save him.

18-month-old Sai is extremely critical

Just when Sai was 8 months old, he started throwing up whenever he’d breastfeed or eat something. This alarmed Prashant to get him checked up because his first baby, Yash, showed the same symptoms.
Prashant and Jyoti, who have been through enough pain, were emotionally tormented once again when they found out that their second baby, was affected by a rare and severe disorder called propionic acidemia.

In simple terms, this is a very rare genetic disorder that is inherited from both parents. In 18-month-old Sai’s case, his liver is slowly failing and causing other parts of his body to fail too.

Jyoti and Sai at the hospital

“We were shocked, terrified and extremely sad when Yash passed away last year. He was just 3 and a half years old. He had propionic acidemia too. When we learned that Sai had the same problem and was slowly dying, we were just horrified. A few days ago, he was down with high fever too and his condition is now deteriorating. The doctors said that he needs a liver transplant immediately or else his fate will be the same as Yash’s.” – Prashant

Sai has breathing and feeding issues

“Any baby needs protein to grow. With Sai, if he has protein, it’s as good as poison for him. He is on a low-protein diet and over the past 10 months he hasn’t been able to grow much. Since the past few months, he has been unable to breathe normally. He breathes at a much lower rate than most babies or even adults. This has affected his heart. You can see how one thing is affecting the other. The doctors say that slowly, his brain will get affected too and one-by-one his organs will stop functioning.” – Prashant

Sai and his grandfather

Only a liver transplant can save 18-month-old Sai

Sai’s only hopes for survival lie in getting a liver transplant, his own liver being the primary reason for the metabolic disorder. Sai is in severe pain and has been suffering for over 10 months at such a young age. His mother is matched as a suitable donor too and the baby boy still has a strong chance of recovery if he undergoes the transplant.

Unfortunately, for his first child’s periodic treatments and medicines, Prashant has spent over 11 lakhs. Now, he is left with nothing to save his 18-month-old boy.

Jyoti and Prashant lost their first child to the same disorder

“Last year, I went all over India and we still couldn’t find a treatment for him. This disorder is so rare. The past 2 years have been nothing but hard for our whole family. My wife is completely devastated. Imagine what a mother has to go through after watching her own child die. Now, her second child is dying too.” – Prashant

Jyoti and Prashant are running out time to save Sai

Sai’s condition is getting worse with every passing day and he's dying slowly. Prashant used to own a salon but in order to provide money for his first child’s treatment, he sold it. He got 11 lakhs which all went towards the treatments of his first baby, who, sadly, passed away.

Now, Prashant works at someone else’s salon as a barber and earns around Rs. 8000 every month. To keep Sai alive until now, he even sold a small home he had in his village and has provided Rs. 3 lakhs.  
Prashant hasn’t gone to work for 3 months since he needs to take care of Sai too. Now, he has absolutely no savings and nothing left to help his dying son. He is left with no option but crowdfunding.

How you can help

18-month-old Sai is suffering from a severe and rare disorder that originates in the liver. His condition is deteriorating every day and to have some hopes of survival, he needs an immediate liver transplant. His mother is matched as a donor but Prashant, his father, has absolutely nothing left to provide for the life-saving transplant. Now, he needs your help to save his dying son.

Your support and contribution can save 18-month-old Sai.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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