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This 16-Year-Old’s Heart And Liver Will Stop Working If Not Treated At The Earliest

“Our lack of awareness has only made my brother, Sai’s condition worse. The doctor scolded us for letting the situation become so bad. But what could we have done? Government healthcare support was all that we could afford. We had no money to even buy medicines. We didn’t even understand that we were killing him.”

The father is burdened with everyone’s pains

16-year-old Sai Krishna is the youngest member in his family of 4. His father, Pandu is the only working member in the family. What makes the father saddest is that even though he has 2 young sons at home, he has to work day in and out to keep his family going because everyone in the family is suffering.

“My husband, Pandu is so heartbroken that everyone in the family is sick. Sometimes it is so difficult for him to even leave his bed and go to work. But if he doesn’t go to work, we’ll not even get 1 meal in a day,” Govindamma, Sai’s mother.

Even the life-saving hack is killing this teenager

Being the youngest of all, Sai had been the apple of the eye for everyone. But soon after he was born, he was diagnosed with Thalassemia major, a severe blood disorder where the body can’t produce enough red blood cells. The young teen has been dealing with this painful disease since his birth.

“We were told that blood transfusions were enough to keep him alive. Little did we know that the life saving hack of blood transfusion will put him to further risk. There has been iron accumulation in his heart. He can’t even digest food because his liver is failing too. It’s all our fault that Sai is in this condition. Both his heart and liver will stop working soon without treatment,” Ramesh, Sai’s brother.

The entire family is suffering from some or the other ailment. Mother of 2, Govindamma has a bad foot and can barely walk now. It’s been years since she stopped working. 6 years ago, 24-year-old Ramesh was determined to add to the family income. But the thought cost him a fortune. While carrying cement bags, he hurt his spine and is incapable of even sitting properly now.

“My mother was guilty of not being able to work anyway. Now Sai’s illness has put her into grief for a lifetime. She tries to stay at the hospital for as long as she can. She neither speaks nor  reacts much, just suffers in silence.”

Lack of money is killing Sai faster than the disease

For past 5 months, Sai has been suffering more. Although he is 16 years, he barely looks more than 10. The young teen understands that he’s suffering from a deadly disorder. He feels extremely guilty to add to his father's struggle. For him, books are no longer for education, but a way to escape reality. He wants to complete his secondary education, but his body doesn’t let him do anything anymore.

We could do his MRI tests only because someone donated us Rs 4000. My father earns only Rs 100 per day and we don’t have the capacity to treat my brother beyond government hospitals. Now Sai has to undergo chemotherapy to stay alive. My only brother is dying and as an elder brother, I can’t even save him. I feel so worthless.”

How you can help

Sai is fighting a deadly battle against Thalassemia. His father, Pandu is the only earning member and he has no money to save his son. The cost required for his treatment is Rs 5 lakhs and the family is desperate to save the youngest member of the family.

Your support can help young Sai live.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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