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13-year-old Rithik Lost a Leg to a Small Scrape in the Knee

Rithik, a class 8 student, would probably never forget the day April 23, 2016. It was a normal day when he was so excited to run off and play cricket after school that he barely noticed scraping his knee against the wooden bench at the last bell. The small wound could have saved his life, even though Rithik had to lose a leg in the process.

"When the wound changed color, I knew this was not normal."

It looked like a minor scratch, soon leading to sleepless nights and intense pain. “We thought it would heal in a day or two. But when the wound started changing color, we rushed him to Coimbatore for a special consult. When doctor suggested they needed to scan his bone, I got a sinking feeling.” 

He may have lost his leg, but there’s time to save his life

Soon the doctors confirmed that Rithik had Osteosarcoma of left distal tibia, an aggressive type of bone cancer, that would have gone undiagnosed if not for the little accident. Despite best efforts, Rithik’s left leg was amputated to stop cancer from spreading. Today, this 13-year-old has a long fight ahead of him. Doctors suggest Rithik needs 6 cycles of aggressive chemotherapy sessions and 3 months of post-maintenance care. The cost of the treatment is around Rs 12 lakh. 

His fight is now against cancer and treatment expenses

Rithik’s father works in a small agro-based organisation in a village in Tamil Nadu and earns Rs 9,900 every month. The amputation surgery cost them around 8 lakhs. With Rithik’s twin brother and elder sister to take care of, the family is left with nothing to make ends meet, let alone continue his treatment expenses.

Rithik is now being treated at HCG Hospital, Bangalore. He might have lost his leg but this young boy wants to fight and win this fight with cancer. "I know I cannot play anymore but I still can study. Doctor Sir has been telling me about many sportsmen who got back on their feet after losing a leg. I want to be cured and never look back to these long nights in the hospital," he says.

How can you help?

Rithik needs your support to get 6 cycles of chemotherapy sessions. The family is going through an arduous time. You can help them cope with the tragedy and provide them the support they need to lighten their load. Help Rithik get life-saving treatment.

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