4-month-old Baby Ravi Will Not Survive The Next Infection, Your Support Can Change That. | Milaap
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4-month-old Baby Ravi Will Not Survive The Next Infection, Your Support Can Change That.

“Children learn to trust their parents because their parents can save and protect them from all harm. Will my baby son ever trust me, or forgive me for helplessly watching him cry out in pain and discomfort? Will I ever be able to forgive myself?”
Nanjappa’s 4-month-old baby, Ravi Teja is suffering from an immunodeficiency disorder. His body cannot fight any harmful germ or bacteria, causing him to fall ill very frequently, with almost no chance of recovering on his own.

Nanjappa works as a cook and gets paid per day of work.

With his baby needing constant medical attention, it is not possible for Nanjappa to attend work regularly. The family is required to take an overnight bus to come to Bangalore. This further reduces the household income of the family. The father earns only Rs. 300 a day when he can make it for work. Now, he has less than Rs. 5000 a month to fend for his 5 member family.

“Even a small fever scares us now. It may escalate to a dangerous level. Anything may take his life. I cannot even sleep one night, without fearing he might not be there when I wake up,” Nanjappa says.

It started with a fever we neglected, thinking it was only normal.

Ravi had always been very weak. It was almost as though something within would just not let him grow like most children do. When he first got a fever, it worried Nanjappa and his wife, but when their friends and relatives told them it was only normal for babies to get small episodes of fever, they took it casually.

When the fever refused to subside, the couple took the baby to a nearby government hospital. After some tests and scans, they were referred to Narayana Hrudayala, Bangalore with the advice that the little one needed specialized medical care.

The diagnosis of a failing immunity system shattered the family.

Nanjappa has studied only till the 3rd standard. At first, he could not even understand the diagnosis. When the doctor explained to him how his 4-month-old baby lived in the constant risk of dying, he was completely broken. Ravi’s mother has not lived a normal life since that day. The parents are very worried, not knowing which slight fever or infection can claim their little one’s life.

Baby Ravi’s condition makes him extremely vulnerable. 

His weak little body cannot fight even the smallest threat. To his parents, all their hopes of a better tomorrow are at stake.

Ravi’s life can be saved, only if he gets immediate treatment.

The baby can only be saved with an urgent Bone Marrow Transplant. The loving father has been found to be a perfect match for the little one. The procedure would cost the family nearly 35 Lakh.

This amount is very big for the poor cook, who only earns enough to afford bare necessities for his family. Unable to run the household, or feed his daughters, Nanjappa is now drowning in debt.

“He has just come into this world. He cannot leave so soon. I could give my own life to save my little son, but it is only the money that makes me helpless before him,” Nanjappa concludes.

How you can help:

The 4-month-old baby is in unimaginable pain and discomfort, with his weak body struggling to fight big battles with every little infection. Undergoing treatment is the only way he can live.
With some support from all of us, Nanjappa’s baby can stay alive!

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