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To Escape Death, This Electrician's Son Needs An Urgent Liver Transplant

“Last month, when I visited my son’s school for electrical repairs, his teachers who always praised him have complained that he is not paying attention in class and always rests his head on the bench for long hours. This got me worried and I took him to the hospital, I was told that his liver is damaged and it can kill him soon without an urgent transplant.” - Rama Krishna, Ram Charan’s father

He can't walk even a few steps without getting tired 

3-month-ago, Ram Charan, who was an active child, suddenly stopped playing because of high fever. His parents thought it will soon subside with medication, but the fever only increased and his eyes started turning yellow. They took him to many local hospitals expecting jaundice to be cure with simple tablets but it only made him weaker by the day.

“I used to get him his favourite fruits and juices thinking it will help him get better. But nothing helped. My son was not even able to walk for a few minutes. Taking him to a big hospital was not a easy thing for a poor man like me, but I did it in the hope to see my son better again. I took my son with all my savings to Rainbow hospital.” - Rama Krishna.

‘He started enduring pain with a smile because he believes that I can save him’

7-year-old Ram Charan was diagnosed with chronic liver disease. Ram Charan’s liver is filled with fluids which are damaging his liver. It can soon take his life without urgent liver transplant. 

“He heard us discussing with our relatives about his condition, he came crying to me and asked, ‘will I die?’ I told him nothing can kill him because I am there to protect him. Ever since that day, he started taking medicines on time and smiles even while taking injections. He believes me and I live in fear of breaking the promise I made,” - Rama Krishna.

Even his illness couldn’t stop him from doing what he loves

‘My son is not only a school topper but also participates in extra-curricular activities. Though his body was burning hot with fever, he participated in fancy dress competition held in his school two months ago. His teachers and I tried to convince him to stay home but he did not listen to anyone. A night before the competition, he had his medicines and practiced his speech,” - Padma.

This electrician who borrowed money even for his son's tests can't afford his transplant

Rama Krishna hails from a small town in Andhra Pradesh. He came to Hyderabad 10 years ago with his new bride for a better life. He started working as an electrician. He earns Rs 10,000 a month, which is just enough to run his house and afford his children's education.

I had savings of only Rs 15,000, which were not even enough for my sons’s diagnostic test. I borrowed Rs 40,000 for his complete medical tests. To afford his medicines and nutritious food, I work without missing a day. His transplant costs 18 lakhs, an amount which I have never seen in my life. It is beyond my means and I cannot afford it. But, without urgent transplant my child will die, please help me save my son,” - Rama Krishna.

Your kind contribution can help Rama Krishna keep his promise of saving his son's life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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