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Any Moment, My Baby Girl’s Heart Will Stop Beating If She Doesn't Get Surgery

My 7-month-old daughter, Rabneet is traveling to different cities not because she wants to. But because she is forced to stay in the hospital so that she can breathe and stay alive.

I am an ordinary home-maker from Jalandhar who lived a content life with her small family. Life hasn't been easy for me. I have been married to Barinder for 9 years now. 3 years ago, for the first time, I had my own child.

It isn’t easy to carry the burden of losing one’s own child

But even before I could feel the joys of motherhood, my baby was gone. My first baby succumbed to health problems. Due to lack of resources and money, we lost the baby. My incapability to save my baby, killed me. I had been carrying the pain and the burden of the loss until Rabneet was born.

My husband, Barinder is a driver. He works across Jalandhar wherever he finds work. His job is not permanent and hence neither is our income. The months when we work, we save every paisa so that we can manage in the unproductive months.

After losing our first child, we were thrilled to welcome Rabneet. I felt that finally, I had found happiness. But my happiness wasn’t there to stay. In the seventh month of my pregnancy with Rabneet, doctors discovered that my baby had a hole in the heart.

I was scared but doctors said that after birth, the hole would become smaller. That it wouldn’t be risky anymore. My baby was born healthy and I felt that God had heard my prayers to keep my baby safe.

Even my second baby’s life is at stake

Problems started when my princess was just 3 months old. Her weight started dropping alarmingly. It became difficult to feed her. She couldn’t digest whatever I fed her. Also, she would become uncontrollably sweaty. I knew it was not normal. 

Now her condition has become so bad that my little baby has been in the ICU for the past 12 days and is on ventilator support. She has congenital heart disease, a structural problem of the heart which is life-threatening for my baby.

I have stayed in Jalandhar all my life and never had the necessity to leave town. My baby was so sick that she had to be moved to Apollo, Delhi, urgently. Barinder is the only earning member in our family of 6. My husband has to support his parents, brother, Rabneet, and me. There’s no one else who will take responsibility.

What can be more heart-breaking than a situation when a father can’t be there when his only baby is fighting death? If my husband comes here and stays for long, he will lose his job and we can’t afford that. Barinder is working over-time now so we can get a little more money.

It is difficult to stay alone and stay calm at the same time

I don’t know anything in Delhi and I don’t even have the money to rent a place to stay. The hospital lobby is my only shelter here. I have a kind relative who stays in Delhi who sometimes brings me food. Also, I am scared to leave my baby alone in the hospital. I am scared that I might lose her.

We have already spent around Rs 3 lakhs for baby’s treatment. All I want now is to take her back home. This hospital environment is suffocating me every second. But I will not go away without her.

Barinder earns very less and most of it goes for family’s expenses. My father-in-law is using his savings for family expenses now because we have exhausted all the money. My husband's employer has given us a big loan already. Without that, we couldn’t have done our baby’s treatment till now.

We used up all the savings that we had, borrowed from a few relatives and also taken a loan from my husband’s workplace. We have no other means left to gather even one paisa.

How can you help?

My baby will stop breathing if we can’t place a pacemaker in her heart immediately. I have already lost a baby and it will kill me if I can’t save this baby. The amount required to save my baby is Rs 4 Lacs which is impossible for us to arrange.

Your support can save baby Rabneet.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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